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Monday, January 28, 2008

That damned Cowan

What's Mallard raving about today?

Objectivity, NBC, Barack Obama.

For example, Chris Matthews was fired for saying this...
You know, Mayor, for months now, I think I've been one of the troubadours for you out there in terms of your prospects. I have always seen the Giuliani advantage in a party that treasures leadership.


BillyWitchDoctor said...

...Excuse me?

The only "journalists" who have been fired for licking GOP boot have been jokers planted in the White House press room.

Meanwhile, every facet of the "Liberal Media" is swarming with reightwinger kulturtroopers who demean every value the press used to stand for, as is documented regularly here. Unsurprisingly, many of 'em are Tinny's heroes in Teh War To Speak Troof To Powar.

And bootlick warwhore William Kristol, who has been wrong about everything leading up to the invasion of Iraq and everything about the occupation thereafter, has been nothing but rewarded for his stupidity and treachery.

Talk to us about the Dixie Chicks, Tinny. Otherwise, go duck yourself.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Let me add a little bit for clarity:

The only "journalists" who have been fired for licking GOP boot have been completely unqualified jokers planted in the White House press room for the express purpose of disseminating the GOP spin. And even then, they were only fired because they got caught.

GeoX said...

Tinsley has internalized the "librul media" meme to such an extent that it doesn't actually MATTER what it actually DOES: it will ALWAYS be out to get right-wingers. Even if it's not. To his dubious credit, I think he sincerely believes this.

exanonymous said...

If Barack was a republican, he'd be white, old, and boring since that IS their current line up.

And Obama isn't a republican. Isn't that uh... kind of what makes him so energetic and exciting and appealing?

Boy, do I feel sorry for Tinny. Grassroots movement died, and his GOP favorite line-up is looking so dull he's daydreaming about Obama being on his side.

12xuser said...

No journalist in this day and age would ever be canned for gushing over a candidate. It's what they do. They treat them like celebrities, applauding and condemning them for their haircuts, demeanor, tone of voice, and "likeability", while ideas and issues are ignored. The way they have been fawning over McCain, based on his friendliness to the press, has just been sickening.

12xuser said...

Oh, and you don't have to tell us not to look for a punchline. We never do.

factinista said...

Did anybody else think the caricature was of Mitt Romney before reading Mallard's little spiel?

rewinn said...

It's another rightwinger complaining about being oppressed.

Who says there's no joke there?

Michael said...

Brian Williams looks like Carlos Mencia doing his retard impression. "Dur dur durrr!"

Kaitlyn said...

I just left the Tiger Den, a common area on campus. The TV is always on - usually football or basketball, though I remember Titanic on one weekend.

Usually, though, it's the news.

Tonight was Lou Dobbs. Why won't the liberal media fire him already?