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Wednesday, January 02, 2008

That damned Romney

What's Mallard raving about today?

Mitt Romney, Reporters.

Republicans have made religion a central issue in this election, and in every election since 2000.

But, Mallard wants to make sure the ground rules are understood. It's not OK for reporters to ask questions about religion. Presumably, this will not interfere with their stenographic duties as it relates to reporting what Republicans want them to say about it.


exanonymous said...

Wait, Huckabee's a reporter? He was the one who started it all. And Mitt Romney CHOSE to respond. There's a difference between being asked and actually making a public correction to information being passed out by your own party member and competitor. Note that the religion of the Democrat candidates hasn't really come up. Darn liberal press, making the conservative candidates appeal to conservative religious people.

Ofcourse, if he gets too embarassing, he'll end up on FOX news labeled as a democrat.

BillyWitchDoctor said...


Sorry, Mallard, you're waaay off--even more than usual. By late January, Mitt'll be lucky to even be in the race anymore.

Mitt is the plucky flip-flopping lad who announced that he would not allow a Muslim in his cabinet and then lied like a pig about it. He thought his "Lookit Me, I'm A Mormon JFK!!" speech would salvage his sinking ship, but instead, it was added bilge--and none of that addresses his multiple positions on any/every issue.

But today's strip (like yesterday's) serves to illustrate Bruce Tinsley's incredibly selective outrage.

Romney's only hope lies in the fact that the rest of the GOP candidates are also floundering and screwing themselves over at every turn. He might just gain ground simply as the Lesser Of Several Idiots.

Kaitlyn said...


Did we not just have a Muslim congressman who was sworn in with the Koran, which meant the terrorists won?

Cause they lurve religious freedom and whatnot.


It's only an issue when it affects a Republican. And some Mormons have done some f'd up things. We're barely past "all muslims are terrorists!" so of course there will be questions about Romney's faith.

The person in today's MF is odd - if he's a big regular/serious news watcher, he probably thinks it's a big thing that Romney is Mormon. My mom and sis watch more news than I do, and they were prattling on last week about the "War on Christmas" and how awful it was despite never seeing anything about it in real life.

Anonymous said...

I kid you not - I go to a Christian private school, and we spent 1 - 2 days in World History class talking about how Muslim is a warmongering religion.