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Friday, January 18, 2008

That damned thinking

What's Mallard raving about today?

Global Warming, Thinking

Atta boy, Mallard! We wouldn't want people just accepting scientific fact, now would we?

Much better to reflexively question science that doesn't fit into your narrow world view, despite lacking any qualifications for scientific analysis.

From now on, I reject ridiculous ideas about the existence of gravity. Hell, I can't even see it so how could it exist?


confused said...

I must say, though, I do enjoy Mallard's amazing vanishing hat. (however I'm not willing to believe the hat is man-made)

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Man, when Tinny gets on one of his global warming rolls, it's enough to make your head spin.

I mean, we have Mallard--who considers anyone who doesn't believe exactly the way he does about nonsense like the Laffer Curve or Evil Sun Hypothesis, in spite of all evidence to the contrary, to be "ignorant" and "idiots" (and those are quotes from past strips)--talking about people "thinking for themselves."

...In the same strip that Tinny's equating science and religion. Dang.

NLCLW said...

I've made this point before, but:

What I find most amusing[?] about this strip is the fact is based on the standard ploy of equating bravely "thinking for yourself" with "rejecting 'opinions' that Mallard finds unpalatable".

Isn't it just possible that it was precisely by thinking for themselves that knowledgeable experts in the field came to hold these views?

dlauthor said...

No! Algore told them what to think! He used the Internet that he lied about when he said he invented it! And he flies in a plane sometimes and his house uses electricity GORK GORK GORK.

If the fates are kind, one day I'll meet Tinshley and be able to buy him the drink that gets him his third and final DUI.

Brian said...

I see you're a beleiver in intelligent falling:
Remember, there is no gravity, just the FSM pushing down on us all with his noodly goodness.

Anonymous said...

To the vast majority of people, believing in man made global warming is just an article of faith, just as those who reject it take it as an article of faith that it's invented. Only a tiny fraction believe or disbelieve based upon rigorous thought and scientific knowledge. What MF could complain about is those whose belief is based upon wanting to seem fashionable with one crowd or the other. It's too complex a notion for this dumb a cartoon however. I know just enough of science to realize it's a complex issue beyond my liberal arts education; I wouldn't be able to label either side "ignorant" or "idiots."

Matt Ramone said...

Looks like Tinzanonymous is back.

factinista said...

If it was really Tinsley, he wouldn't have admitted that the other side could have a fair point.

dlauthor said...

Well, it's possible he posted in one of his rare moments of semi-sobriety.

exanonymous said...

Yes, it bugs me that Mallard equates "thinking for yourself" to "agreeing with me!".

Look, Mallard, once more, you cannot play the victim majority. You are not alone, I've met and worked with many people who agree with you, so don't pull that "independent thinker" bullcrap, because you all SAY the exact same thing! Little zombie conservatives, searching for brains. Independent thinkers don't just find something presented by politicians they like with "peer reviewed" slapped on it and trot it out as their OWN conclusion based on the evidence.