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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

That damned liberal

What's Mallard raving about today?

Straw men, Liberals, Global Warming.

If you find the time to read through all this text, and can remain awake the whole time, you may be interested to find this buried this gem: Liberal Straw Man believes global warming is "all man-made".

Mallard, when you need to engage in blatant falsehood to make your point you haven't got a valid point.


BillyWitchDoctor said...

"...ALL man-made," huh? What happened to Grand Cowfart Theory and "But there's climate change on Mars!!11," Tinny?

Looks like the goalposts got changed again.

Tinny: "But it's the only way I can win! You liberals and your dumb stupid facts! It's not faiiiirrrr!! I should get special treatment--you elitists!"

SharonL said...

One wingnut I know of mentioned to me last week that Global Warming is a farce, and he can prove it, because it was snowing in Iowa.

Evidently, anthropomorphic climate change means that (a) every spot on Earth is getting warmer at the same time, and (b) it NO LONGER SNOWS ANYWHERE ON THE GLOBE, EVEN IN WINTER.

Life is so much easier in black-and-white, isn't it, Tinny?

Matt Ramone said...

Tinny's got enough straw men that no crow will dare go near his house ever again.

rewinn said...

I hope the duck will follow this up with complaints about how our kids don't do well in science.

According to today's strip, science is just like wicca or the Southern Baptist Conference. It's all in what you believe!

confused said...

You know what's going to cause Global Warming? When all those strawmen that Tinny uses catch fire, we're going to have warming of biblical proportion.

exanonymous said...

There was someone who wrote a letter to the newspaper about the global warming scam. Scam? Well, yes, see the climate sensors were all placed in bad locations, like above heating grills and such around the US.

Cause you know, the US covers 99% of the earth.

Sorry, Mallard, what liberals believe is that climate changes is evident and that all the other theories that make us helpless victims of evil sun and cow and whatever are being knocked down, one after another.