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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

That damned enhancer

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Media, Racism.

Without granting Mallard's asterisk-less claim about how racist the Media "says" America is, it is precisely because people like Mitt Romney cannot point to anything in their history which shows sensitivity toward racial issues that they trot out claims regarding Dr. King, which turn out to be false, to establish their Civil Rights bona fides.

I must say, I enjoy it when Mallard argues something which proves the exact opposite point he is trying to make.


BillyWitchDoctor said...

Tinsley doesn't take anyone to task for lying about their Civil Rights histories or agendas, for some reason. Hmmmm, I wonder why.

'Course, Tinny's the one who, when ranting about hate-filled racist phony "reverends," can't seem to name any white guys (Phelps, Robertson, Falwell, Graham...just for a start) but focuses eternally on Jackson and Sharpton. Hmmmm, I wonder why.

(But...butbutbut he likes Wally Willy!!)

Tune in two weeks hence to see Tinny's undoubtedly-buffoonish reaction to the recent dust-up between Hillary and Obama over MLK. (Read it and judge for yourself, but the gist of it: Obama and company twisted Hillary's--and then Bill's--statements about MLK to try and manufacture a Ross Perot-style campaign-killing "You People" moment. The increasingly-desperate John Edwards joined in the subsequent dogpile on the Clintons. Since then, however, Obama has backed waaaay off of that rhetoric, perhaps realizing that it wasn't a brilliant strategy after all.)

12xuser said...

I think that what Tinsley is trying to do is to excuse Mitt Romney for making up stuff about his relationship with MLK, by saying that it's ALL stupid whenever anyone in politics mentions MLK, so shut up about MLK already.

Of course that assumes that Tinsley is momentarily conscious enough to have an actual thought in his head.

The idea that "the media" claims that this is a racist society is laughable. Any time anyone brings up issues of race in this country, it is immediately boiled down to "playing the race card". According to the pundits who make up the visible cutting edge of "the media", you cannot talk about the causes, effects, or solutions to racism without being either an anachronistic intellectual Civil War reenactor or a cynical manipulator, stirring up trouble for political gain.

dlauthor said...

I like how the caricature in the TV set doesn't look anything like Mitt -- and not in Tinshley's usual "I can't draw a caricature but if you squint that might be Hillary" style , but in the sense of "looks nothing like him." It's an attempt to shift this sort of crap from Romney specifically to a more generic "somebody" or "everybody," because God knows, we can't show a Republican in a bad light.

Anonymous said...

Romney is a phoney, but I would cut him some slack on the whole "saw his father march with Dr. King" thing. He was trying to get some rubbed-off cred but was not actually fibbing in the usual Washington sense. Billywitchdoctor seems awfully wound-up all the time. Calm down!

Dave Robidenza said...

While we might have (mostly) eliminated the blatant, "separate water fountain" racism that MLK marched against, I'm pretty sure it survives in a subtle "security guard following you through the store" sense. Besides, isn't there an old cliché about "Oh, but some of my best friends are..."?

And Bruce, just because politicians name-check a person or an issue doesn't mean that the antithesis of that issue doesn't exist. By your logic, there is no "War on Christmas" or divorce or homosexuality because most politicians constantly blather about faith and (heterosexual) family values. There are enough politicians/pundits who can't personally live up to their professed values (Mark Foley, Rush Limbaugh, Ted Haggard, heck I'll even allow you Bill Clinton). You can't take politicians to task for giving lip service on week and then turn around and use that lip service as evidence to back up your point the next week.

Oh, wait. You're the guy who kept mocking Ted Kennedy for his drinking and then got arrested for DUI. Never mind.

Anonymous said...

You know, Martin Luther King Jr. preached a good doctrine of nonviolence and love towards everyone. So Thanks for helping, bruce!

exanonymous said...

Wait, is the TV speaking supposed to be ironic as in how it should be if there was rampant racism or is it his "proof" that racism doesn't exist?

See, I would chose the former. I think he's aiming for the latter. Erm, Mallard, racism isn't what you say with direct connection to it, I've met very few racists who came out and said they were racist (but I have met them). It's what you say when there isn't an audience to play to that counts. I've met quite a few people however who said they weren't, claimed they weren't, said their best friend was black, and then proceded to parade out the horribly unfunny "Black man is lazy!" jokes as part of a line of jokes.

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Anonymous: Billywitchdoctor seems awfully wound-up all the time. Calm down!

Nothing calms me down like pressing my hairy, unwashed, tick-infested testicles against the faces of Bruce Tinsley, GOP apologists and anonymous concern trolls. Aaaaah, that's it. That feels so good...I like you. A lot.

Exanonymous: See, I would chose the former. I think he's aiming for the latter.

I agree, insomuch as it hasn't been that long since former White House Pressroom Liar (and former FOX News anchor--fancy that!) Tony Snow belligerently announced that "racism is no longer a big deal in America." (Of course it isn't--not to him.)

Meanwhile, Tinsley's beloved flatulent pig Rush Limbaugh has an absolutely adorable routine about Obama and Hillary coyly referring to "spades" and "hoes."

Go ahead--wonder aloud why I'm "wound up all the time."

12xuser said...

Anonymous: "He was trying to get some rubbed-off cred but was not actually fibbing in the usual Washington sense."

How is this not fibbing in the usual Washington sense? It's classic bullshit, as popularized by the Bush administration.

As defined by the philosopher Harry Frankfurt in his classic "On Bullshit", bullshitters seek to convey a certain impression of themselves without being concerned about whether anything at all is true. Romney's words fit this definition exactly.