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Friday, January 11, 2008

That damned asteroid

What's Mallard raving about today?

Asteroids, Al Gore.

The San Jose Mercury News publishes a story about scientists eagerly awaiting the possible crash of a huge asteroid into Mars....* while Mallard Fillmore looks frantically for a way to link the story to Al Gore.

* Mallard Fillmore


BillyWitchDoctor said...

Oooooo, bad timing there, Two-Week Tinny. I saw on tonight's news that scientists are now downgrading the likelihood of said collision.

Now you've blown the chance for the GOP to credit the miss to the leadership of Li'l Dub-Dub, or the spirit of Ronnie Almightie. (Still, you can always screech and wail, "See! Scientists change their minds! That PROVES climate change is a Liberal Fantasy!!" in a high-pitched voice while you foam at the yip-yap.)

What did you use for a reference, there, Tinny? Armageddon? No wonder your understanding of science is so utterly wanky.

rewinn said...

It's a lazy joke, usable anytime the writer's blocked:

1. "Disaster impends. Liberals blame George W Bush".

2. Change "Disaster" and "Liberals" for whatever's in the headlines.

3. You're done!

Problem: it's not funny.

IGetMyNewsFromTheDuck said...

I can't believe Al Gore actually blamed the president for the impending asteroid crash. That seems unfair of him. I guess these liberals really are out to lunch!

I mean Gore must have blamed Bush for it, it's clear that this comic strip wasn't joking about it.

Jokes are supposed to be at least sort of funny.

Anonymous said...

Mallard has a point about this liberal media. Always mocking Al Gore in unfunny ways...

exanonymous said...


Yet another non sequitar perfectly delivered!

Take THAT, liberals! I bet you were wishing you didn't throw your lot in with the likes of disaster-ambulance-chaser Al Gore. The evidence is obvious! So is evidence that my big toe has been telling me to shoot the neighbor's trashcan! Conservatives who read this article and and agree are laughing at you everywhere!