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Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Those damned football champs

What's Mallard raving about today?

New Hampshire, College Football.

I admit I don't follow College Football, but I'd no idea they pick their champions through a lengthy primary process culminating in a national election for members of an Electoral College who, ultimately, decide upon the National Champion.

You'd think I would have heard about something like that.


exanonymous said...

Mallard once again proves that it's not fun to rant about real stuff!

Kaitlyn said...

I know more about politics and elections than I did 8 years ago, but I don't know much more about the end of the football season. (College or pro.)

I just know there was damn bowl game tonight, and Malcolm in the Middle is on at 2:30 instead of a respectable 12:30!

BillyWitchDoctor said...

Tinny's really reaching for ways to combine his clumsy loves of politics, sports, and bad poetry.

I mentioned Lisa Benson too soon. Her latest editorial toon (man, I wish I had a link to it) features a fat guy ("Businesses") picking apples from a tree, while the guy's employee ("Minimum Wage Hike")--a surly teenager straight out of "Zits"--picks his pocket.

Wow. I mean, WOWWWWWWW. Greedy-criminal children seem to be a recurring theme for this mother of four (*shudder*), and she has NO idea how management and labor function (although this is hardly the first time I've seen wages treated as theft, lordy no).

Proof once again that you don't have to have a clue to have an opinion!

factinista said...

Mallard's just jealous that Kentucky isn't good enough to win the national championship.


Michael said...

It wasn't until I read bwd's post that I realized it was supposed to be a poem. Good god.

ibaoo = Tinny's howl in the back of a cop car

bonnie said...

Wow, I have to see it to believe it. Didn't think there's someone worse than Michael Ramirez. (in fairness, Ramirez's artwork is really, really good. The dude also a Pulitzer Prize-winner)

All this talk about a cartoonist named Benson reminds me of Steve Benson, who used to be a really conservative cartoonist about ten years ago and was also a devout Mormon. He now comes off as an atheist and a Mormon.

bonnie said...

Whoops. I meant to type "an atheist and a liberal"

rewinn said...

It's a poem? I guess so ... it has a rhyme, and sort of breaks up into lines.

Maybe next time Mallard can try to use "meter", you know, duh-Dum duh-duh-DUM duh-DUM!

To make it worse, that "Pick Me!" sign messes up the flow of the "poem". You just can't read the "poem" without "Pick Me" jumping in in somewhere.

Personally, if colleges are going to improve the playoff system, the first thing is to divorce their football programs from their academic programs. Then you can compensate the players for the extra time of a playoff season by adjusting their pay. As it is, playoffs would cut into our student-athlete's valuable study time.

rewinn said...
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rewinn said...

billywitchdoctor -

Thanks for the ref to Benson. I googled her latest few, and saw a pattern:

* Congress is to blame for high prices

* McCain missed the GOP bus

Hillary's getting nowhere with the "experience" thing

The pattern is glaringly clear after the NH primary: she's wrong, wrong and wrong.

.... which probably means that the NYT will hire her to work with Bill Kristol.

john said...

In all fairness to Mallard, the BCS system is really, really dumb.