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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

That damned change

What's Mallard raving about today?

Barack Obama, change.

Since when is inconsistency of message desirable on the campaign trail?

Besides if anyone needs to change their stump speech, it's Rudy "noun-verb-9/11" Giuliani.


exanonymous said...

You guys, I think a MIRACLE has happened! Mallard has figured out how to push the remote button to change the channel!

However, due to his ignorance about Obama's actual platform consisting of more than just him shouting "change!", I think this is another dud and he sat on the buttons.

Don't deny it, Bruce, you want to vote Obama 2008.

12xuser said...

I think that "Ya know what his speeches could use a little of?" could just be the most awkward sentence I've seen from Mallard this year. Of course, it's only January 29.

He then follows this awkward setup with the equally awkward "I bet you're thinking 'Change'", as if spoken by Obama on TV. Talk about lame.

Besides, all of the candidates are calling for change, just like they do every four years.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised he hasn't taken out after Ron Paul yet - he's a GOP traitor in Tinsley's book as he's against the war, against the Patriot Act, against throwing out the Bill of Rights to prosecute the "War on Terror," against the "War on Drugs," and generally contra the whole Tinsley mantra. Obviously a nutjob in MF's world!

Anonymous said...

Mallard, being a cartoon duck, has obviously only listened to the cartoon version of Senator Obama's speaches. Of course, this is OK if your only goal is to smear the opposition.

If Senator Obama becomes recognized as the Democratic frontrunner, will Tinsley start drawing him as the wicked witch of the west?