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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

That damned New Car

What's Mallard raving about today?

Change, Cars, Candidates.

This panel pretty much sums up exactly what's wrong with Mallard in general (as opposed to what's wrong with him in an ultra-partisan way).

If you're going to allow yourself to get all riled up about things as predictable as Presidential Candidates calling for change you'll spend your entire life cursing the darkness and turn yourself into a humorless, bottomless pit of impotent rage.

Which is about as good a description of Mallard as I can come up with.


BillyWitchDoctor said...

Off-topic (because Tinny's really draggin' it this time), I thought I'd share this: The Adventures Of Afghani-Chan.

Warning: horrific, depressing real-world events transformed into maybe-too-cute Japanese manga. Translated.

confused said...

Let's see, polls indicate a majority of Americans want the country headed in another direction.

Politians keep talking about change.

Hmmm. Nope, don't see a correlation.

(we all know that politians wouldn't just say things -- like "I'm a uniter" -- just to get elected. That's silly)

dpvok said...

Wow, this is the most retarded Mallard Fillmore I've ever seen, um, this year.

dlauthor said...

You know, if my current car was draining my bank account because it was constantly breaking down, only had a right blinker that flashed all the time, and was prone to bursting into flames at any given moment, I might want a change too.

Scanman said...

I think that Tinsley was making the point that change for the sake for change is not necessarily good.

Witness the leaning capabilities of the new car the guy is showing, good for nothing other than a NASCAR race.

Of course the leaning characteristics of the car could be due to the drawing abilities of a drunk cartoonist falling halfway to the floor.

Named After Ham said...

I think we're misinterpreting the true target of Tinny's vitriol in this cartoon. It's not the strawman liberal or Obama's campaign strategy.

Rather, what's really got Bruce steamed is cars.

You know, on account of the fact that he's no longer legally allowed to drive one.

john said...

I like the fact that Tinsley assumes that people (liberals, I assume, since he included our favorite character, Straw Man Democrat with Daughter who Occassionally Strays from the Flock) who want change don't actually know what KIND of changes they want, or WHY they think those changes should be made ... like people just want change for change's sake. It's kind of insulting really.