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Friday, August 14, 2009

Those damned Elitists

What's Mallard raving about today?

Schools, Elitism

Mocking President Obama for being an elitist, based on Straw Men about his choice of coffee and/or salad greens is hilarious good fun, and he shouldn't think he's better than the rest of us.

However mocking underfunded schools for providing curriculum which supports average and below-average students, rather than being tailored to elite children who may someday eat arugula and drink lattes is also hilarious good fun.

I have marveled before about the tolerance for cognitive dissonance Mallard's exhibits. But I think he just can't remember all the things he hates, moment-to-moment, and only exists in his singular present moment of hatred.

I would make a joke about having the memory of a goldfish, but I think that might do a disservice to goldfish.


Anonymous said...

Repeating the entire fucking premise every day must save him a lot of time. Time that he could spend writing the rest of the comic. Could, but does not.

Tog said...

Among all the other things, Tin's a pseudoChristian*, so he's already quite comfortable with both blind hatred and ignoring outrageous contradiction.

Wow, he's actually mocking repetition--for the nth time--rather than "moving on to something more challenging." Incredible.

And Tin's about as likely to challenge himself or his beliefs as Huey Freeman.

*Hey, it's gettin' to be War On Christmas season! They'll be putting War On Christmas decorations up before too long!

Nick said...

Learning something (birth certificate) only by hearing it repeated over and over (Muslim) is no way (Saddam & 9/11) to learn anything (Obama wants yer guns).

To truly understand something (WMDs), one must actually look at the facts.

(Death Panels)

NLC said...

Anonymous: Amen

Is it really possible that Tinsley (or perhaps more relevantly his editors) don't recognize the truly sad irony of spending -- what is it now ten days?-- repeating the same "joke" that repeating things is Bad Thing?

HT said...

I kinda sorta get the point of repeating the same point to make people that missed the last comic catch up on events, but by the gods, the comic usually is never over more than two to five sentences long with no goddamn story-arc outside of a soapbox Tinsley refuses to step down from. Plus the fact that he practically copies and pastes a long, run-on sentence that makes up half the comic 90% of the time ruins any chance of any new points being made. Political stupidity aside, this is seriously the worst comic ever published. It makes Marmaduke look like Calvin and Hobbes.

People seriously, SERIOUSLY pay for this shit while "This Is Historic Times" remains unpublished? What the ever loving fuck?

(Speaking of TIHT, I nearly spit-taked from the Roger Rabbit reference he made recently. The man has taste.)

Rootbeer said...

Okay Bruce.... You've mastered the joke about schools heavily utilizing repetition.... Now repeat it 456 more times....

Shouldn't you move on to something more challenging, like learning how to use ellipses and italics?

Anonymous said...

He's realized what so many of our cultural leaders realize: once you've had it made you don't have to try any more. Rather, your "fans" (such as they are) will swallow the same old crap day after day, the same way a dog will eat the same dry kibbles for years on end.

Bill the Splut said...

OOO000oooo....Looks like we have a little mind who's forgotten his "Liberals are ELITISTS, which I HATE!" talking point after researching his way to the bottom of a bottle, repeatedly....

rewinn said...

Class, what have we learned this week?

1. Having kids repeat stuff is a bad way to teach them

2. Having kids do stuff that is NOT repetion, such as a diorama, is a bad way to teach them


There is no good way to teach kids.

All is meaningless. Poor me 'nother drink, bartender!


P.S. Dave the Token Minority Dad was originally a sympathetic character - a hardworking Asian immigrant, unlike those native-board or Kenyan freeloaders. That's how he's still depicted on the King Features cast page.

But now Dave's just another brick in the wall; he's become The Man, oppressing the Freespirited Token Minority Kid. Who says Tinsley don' do character development?