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Saturday, August 08, 2009

Those damned coasts

What's Mallard raving about today?

New York, California, Taxes.

Riiiiight. This is all California and New York's fault. Those years of Republican Government during which the surplus evaporated and everything fell apart?

Never happened.


CW in LA said...

Well, here in California we're broke precisely because of our budgetary process that's full of just the sort of hurdles Tinshley would approve. So what's his point?

Ducky is Right said...

So far, the state's I've been in with the highest taxes are Red states.

Hey ducks, if you all don't like the coastal states much, we'll be happy to take back all those billions in federal spending we've been giving you for the past few decades because you lazy fucks can't get off your self righteous asses and actually do something useful for the nation. Prick.

In fact, you personally can go ahead and pay us the several thousand dollars it took to process your drunk driving ass when you leeched off the system because you're such a goddamn fucker you feel you have the right to put others lives at risk and drive drunk.

Tog said...

I think the "point" Tin's aiming for is that these two waves will spread inward until they collide over Middul 'Merika, sparking a horrible holocaust that will surely wipe out all the God-fearin' home-schooled heterosexuals.

Only natural, from the loser who was accusing Obama of being a "fear-monger" only a few weeks ago.

Bonus activity: What color is your nation's current terror alert?

exanonymous said...

If only California and New York were smart and started getting double federal money per dollar paid in federal taxes like Alaska, they too could have the lowest income tax rates and not go broke.

Michael said...

Ducky is Right dropped the hizammer.

BakaHoushi said...

Also, remember folks, as Tinsley's lovable pal Sarah Palin would tell you, New York and California aren't "really" part of America. No, if you're on the coasts, you're apparently fictional or something.

rewinn said...

Fun fact: California and that bastion of Republican virtue Texas both spend about $3,200 per resident.

This means they also must tax about $3,200 per resident. Of course, some of the taxes in Texas come from oil revenue, meaning, it's a tax on all of America, which explains why Texas isn't broke.


California $120 billion 36,756,666 population

Texas: $79 Billion budget 24,326,974 population

CasualBrowser said...

Don't know how much it compares to Texas, rewinn, but California has oil revenue too. When I was out there, I saw oil derricks all over the place.

rewinn said...


Texas produces about a million barrels a day; Califonia about 730,000. Of greater relevance, California also taxes production more lightly. Perhaps California should increase its tax on oil to bring them more in line with Texas, I don't know.

The main point is that those who rail against California's excessive spending should do the same about Texas because those states spend the same per capita.

wavydavy said...

rewinn --

They may spend the same AMOUNTS, but they don't spend it on the same things.

In California, $3,200 per capita is spent on mandatory gay counseling, subverting the Xtian church, and smoking pot.

In Texas, that money is spent on lining the pockets of Chimpy and his cronies, redistricting to screw as many Dems as possible, and executing all the minority (preferably innocent) defendants they can find.

See, it's not just quantity, it's quality.