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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Those damned Clunkers

What's Mallard raving about today?

Cash for Clunkers, Health Insurance Reform.

If it weren't for the insane dishonesty of the whole Deather argument, I would have found this first take on Deatherism funny. Or, if you substituted a caricature of a Republican for President Obama, I would have found this funny.

Sadly, very sadly, Mallard's 2 week lag is not enough to have made this controversy irrelevant by the time he got to it. Real Americans continue to battle the Glenn Beck Tin Foil Hat Republican Brigade for control of the conversation over Health Care.

Meanwhile President Obama and Democrats continue to hand away key parts of needed reform in an attempt to attract votes from people who are clearly insane and won't vote for it in the end anyway, simply because it's a Democratic proposal.


GeoX said...

Isn't "cash for clunkers" a good description of where Tinsley's income comes from?


HT said...

Whenever I hear about people screaming loudly and taking guns to a town hall meaning (would never happen at a Bush rally, they arrest people wearing shirts with "Bush" under a "no" symbol), or lying to no end the lies about Health Care reform "death panels", or an old person fighting to kill a bill that would make their medication cheaper and medical bills way less expensive for them, I die a little in the inside.

It's like dealing with children.

HT said...

town hall meetings, rather. Sorry for the typo.

Anonymous said...

Mentally and emotionally, they are children. Screaming children throwing tantrums, and the Democrats are the beat-down parents that give in so they'll quit causing a scene.

Waaaah! Socialism! Waaaah! Death panels!

Quiet down, baby Republican, and we'll give up the public option. Mommy Democrat is tired and can't muster up any more fight after 8 years.

There are a handful of reasonable Republicans that want to have a rational debate, but the children's screaming drowns out all reasonable voices.

Iron Dragon said...

*sigh* And now he have outright fabrication and intellectual dishonesty. The best part here is that Tinsely will probably say that he sent these out before he found out they weren't in the bill and wasn't able to retract them in time.

Nick said...

Didn't Tinz just complain about people making comments on a bill without having read it?

The compartmentalization of Tinz' mind is always staggering.

Tog said...

No, no, neoconservative rule number one will always be: it's only wrong when they do it.



(One more note re yesterday's troll: When you amuse yourself with fantasies of waterboarding someone on the basis of nothing more than political disagreement, any protests that you're not a torture-happy psychopath kind of fly right out the window. Just sayin'.)

Jazzbumpa said...

Tog is right, Gabby Johnson.

HT and Anon - Please do not insult children in this way. they are innocent, don't know any better, and with proper nurturing MIGHT grow up to be rational, thinking, feeling citizens. You know - progressives.

JzB the progressive trombonist

rewinn said...

Anyone who says there are Death Panels in any bill before Congress is a liar.

It's that simple. Democrats should say so, over and over and loudly.

To the extent that I am a partisan, I hope the Republicans keep talking "Death Panels" since it drives more people out of their party; however as a patriotic American I hope they return to sanity. The ideals of Eisenhower or heck even Nixon would be better for America than their current crop of crazies ... and that's damning with faint praise indeed!

In the spirit of Anonymous Coward's fondness for irrelevancies, let me recommend WEALTHcare not HEALTHcare, a project of, which is laugh-out-loud funny, while mildly thoughtful.


VW = "idest", the superlative of "id" a.k.a. the ranging uncontrolled desire to do anything you want regardless of the consequences to others, a.k.a. the heart of modern conservativism

Hibryd said...

With health care on the table, conservatives are suddenly yelling that seniors are our #1 priority and we should spend absolutely whatever we need to, and do everything possible, to keep them healthy and happy. You want to control costs, cut any corners, or ration any tests? Then you want to kill old people! Our seniors are precious and we should spend everything we have on them!

These same conservatives, to a man, would be against any government-subsidized health care for children. They are also totally unmoved by stories of 16-year old cancer patients who will never be able to get health insurance for the rest of their lives. They don't care if the system we have lets children and adults slip though the cracks and end up in a lifetime of debt. Everyone under 65 should be bootstrappy, but once you cross that magic age line, the government should do everything it can to take care of you!

Octan said...

It was only a matter of time. The "Death Eaters" as Olbermann has started calling them are too insane for Tinsley to resist joining.

That said, we've heard a lot of outright lies from the right, but this one has got me especially steamed for some reason. I don't know why. It's hardly the most egregious or most dangerous lie I've heard from them even in the past year, but God help whoever's responsible for it if I ever run into them.

Hibryd said...

rewinn - Thanks for the link. The page doesn't say so, but I suspect this was the same group behind Billionaires for Bush ("Tax cuts create jobs! Honest!") and Millionaire Mommies with Nannies Against State-Sponsored Day Care.

Kip W said...

Rightwing lies just aren't official until they're repated by a drunken scribbler in the local fishwrap.

Let's start sending fake talking points to Tin Eye's fax machine. I want to see Mallard give the chidin' eye to those crazy 60s holdouts who still think black isn't white.

Anonymous said...

Check out the penis chin on granny!

Michael said...

Isn't "cash for clunkers" a good description of where Tinsley's income comes from?

No, that would be, "cash for drunkards."

GeoX said...


Frank Stone said...

Only one lie in today's strip, Brucie -- but you get "extra credit" because it's such a huge, steaming whopper and because you brought it up so soon in your series about health care reform.

dlauthor said...

I'm in favor of providing health care for all, except those with multiple DUIs.

Oooops! Sorry, Brucie!

Word verification: susni. A short-lived, ill-fated fad for Scandinavian-Japanese fusion cuisine.

kris said...

This is way off subject folks but here goes. I find it somewhat humorous but also pathetic that someone would actually post on his blog his problem with his hemorrhoids. Come on folks, a man who is a senior citizen actually telling the world about the problems with his rectum. Must have quite an exciting life. He goes by the name of "Rewinn".

I have scanned many blogs which I thought were quite strange, but for a person to tell us that he thought meat contained fiber and was wondering why he has problems. He did not know about fruits, vegetables and whole grain foods which are easily found in cereals and breads at one's local super market? I think he has now discovered this fact.

He even goes into detail - must also have a reading comprehension problem - that he first used a cream one would use for sore muscles or arthritis and soon discovered life was worse. I can only guess. He actually includes a picture of the creams he used on his ass. God, I cannot stand it. Oh yes, this is one of the Duck and Cover regulars who tries to portray himself as intelligent. If it took him a while to understand and solve this problem, I can see why he would possibly believe whatever president Obama tells him.

I have checked the Duck and Cover blog a time or two but never looked at this Rewinn persons blog. Well sir, I guess it takes some people quite a while to learn the simple things in life. I should not do this but I would assume you are now considered a perfect A-Hole. I still cannot believe this :).

CW in LA said...

Let's see, who's an a-hole: A person who posts a blog which any of us is free to read or not read, or a person who cyberstalks the first individual simply because he disagrees with his politics?

I'm gonna have to go with the second person. Kris, you have the moral integrity and intellectual honesty of our Mr. Tinshley, but without his drawing "talent". Loser.

GeoX said...

Hey Kris, how 'bout you troll through my blog? I'm sure you could find something that you could spin as undignified, embarrassing, or something, and then everything I write here would be discredited and Tinsley would be proven RITE 4EVER NO TAKEBACKS!!!11

What a pathetic loser you are.

HT said...

Guys, can we please not feed the trolls? What they are saying is really harsh and uncalled for, but honestly, it would be apparent to anyone with any common sense realize that what he is saying is utter crap. Is there a way to report violations on Maybe we can find a way to get them punished instead of bickering all the time with people that don't deserve the effort.

Tog said...

I say, let the trolls come. I'm not afraid of them. And I always enjoy a little batting practice.

As for Pissy Krissy...well, it's obvious why discussing assholes offends him so; nobody likes it when you dis they mama.

Oh! You liberals are so uncivil! Calling names! I have taken notes! It would amuse me to see you all waterboarded!

Ducky is Right said...

Ooohh burn! The troll TOTALLY took Rewinn down a peg by pointing out something that Rewinn freely put up himself on a website! You TOTALLY expsoed him! Such rapier-like wit and stinging exposes!

Dear rest of the World; the USA is currently not interested in rational though, or even looking out of it's own best interest. A sizable portion of the nation is more then willing to make up stunningly transparent lies, and then base their world views on them.
If any of you all were thinking about making a movie for the title of Global Superpower, now would be the time. Not since the Roman empire has a nation been so disinterested in its own well being.

Anonymous said...

Tuesday: Mallard ridicules lawmakers for having no idea what the proposed health care reforms entail.

Wednesday: Mallard promotes a blatant straw man argument designed to terrify people who have no idea the what the proposed health care reforms entail.

I'm not sure whether to laugh or cry.

rewinn said...

A man who cannot make fun of himself every now and then is no man at all.