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Thursday, October 14, 2010

That damned Celebration

What's Mallard raving about today?

Fish, Differences.

Mallard hates anything or anyone who is different. They are not to be celebrated or tolerated. They are to be demeaned and destroyed.

I'd suggest this was a candidate for Creepiest Self Revelation, but we already knew Mallard was an intolerant lackwit.


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Seriously, TInsley? "Anything different from you is just part of a fiendish plot to kill you?" This is the way you go through life?

Well, okay; that's not a big surprise; we know it's one of the central tenets of wingnut "thinking." But to hear it laid out so openly, without a hint of shame or recognition that this is kind of insane--crikey.

Ducky is Right said...

Yes. Everyone who does not share your beliefs or culture are trying to kill you.
God, just man up and publicly call for the genocide of all the ragheads, Tinsly. Your writing is bad enough when it's not being used to torture metaphors.

Dullard Shillmore said...

Jesus tits… is this a potshot at gays? Gays are like fish bait? Because they're different? They'll secretly turn you gay? Or is it about muslims? Or blacks? Or people with disabilities? Why don't you spell it out for us, Tinsely, who these "scary different" people are?

Tog said...

Hey, who knows? Maybe Batshit's trying to warn everyone else in the world not to trust US?

...No, of course not. He's just being a prick about That Damned Diversity. AS USUAL.

deepbeep said...

Why would they view it as a peer, when bait is supposed to be seen as food?

Anyway, Tinsley is a bigot.

Kip W said...

"Why are you always so suspicious? I tell ya, it's a spontaneous, populist grass-roots movement, like it says on Fox!"

rewinn said...

The message of today's "comic" is not just that gays, Muslims and special-needs kids are out to kill you. It's that they can HOOK YOU IN WITH THEIR BARBED HOOKS OF OTHERNESS!!!!

Gayness is catching!

Muslimosity is catching!

If you let a kid with special needs into your classroom, you'll get hooked into the wheelchair lifestyle ... and you know where that leads!!!!


My goodness, but reichwingers are such fearful weenies! Have we seriously considered the possibility that Tinshley secretly working to turn every young kid in America against conservativism?

dlauthor said...

If only the powers that be had heeded Tinshley's repeated warnings against accepting things that are different, and shot that unholy duck on sight.

Mr. Noseworthy: it's not too late. Kill it. Kill it with fire.

WV: squeenpl: Don Martin sound effect for the noise a right-wing cartoonist's car makes when they unwrap it from a telephone pole.

Marion Delgado said...

Let me translate this comic for you all:

"The only mistake Rush made was going for those foreign little black boys in the Dominican Republic ... they're just like my Asian neighbor's little boy ... they're like BAIT!"

Frank Stone said...

You just KNOW Brucie wanted to draw this strip with a Good White Christian, a smug asshole college professor, and a Muslim suicide bomber.

Bill the Splut said...

Strip A: "There is no racism!"
Strip B: "Okay, there is, but only by minorities against white Christians!"
Strip C: "Everyone who isn't a bigot is stupid!"

He's not even consistent in his retardouchery.

WV: FlyCo, the giant corporation that eats shit, spews out maggots, and funds Tinny's wingnut welfare.

Iron Dragon said...

I'm just curious, are there any papers that ran this or did this one get replaced with something marginally less horrific?

MartyRotten said...

"Oops! forgot to make a joke!"

exanonymous said...

Well, to be fair, the Native Americans would have been a lot better off if they hadn't allowed different people to settle.

There were some rather pasty folks who got into some pretty nasty biological warfare.

Tog said...

Enjoy irony? Check out Saturday's "Snuffy Smith."

WV: "pingosed." Switch a pair of letters and voila! Bruce Tinsley!

Kip W said...

"Oops! Almost forgot to slam another ethnic group!"

Are we still in Mallard's Bestest Week Ever? Because I think our cartoonist may have some serious issues understanding the meaning of "good," "better," and "best."