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Friday, October 29, 2010

That damned Poll

What's Mallard raving about today?

Democrats, Elections, Polls.

Remember when Mallard did a version of this in 2006, when Republicans lost control of the House and Senate?

Oh, right.


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Cheezes this is pathetic.

Tog said...

Oh, Batshit, you so behind.

A couple of months ago, the wrong wing was all HAW HAW DEMS WHISTLING PAST THE GRAVEYARD HAW HAW. Now that the teabaggers have imploded and have finally stopped pretending to be anything more than warmed-over militia-style psychos, closet neocons, and Palin clones, the FOXPropaganda running meme is ZOMG VOTER FRAUD! AND IT'S NOT US DOING IT THIS TIME! ALARM! ALARM!

Seriously, catch up. Fantasies about Black Panther radicals beating up little old white ladies at the polls and the outrageously un-American HAY MANG, STAY CASA NO VOTAS, SI? campaign are right up your well-traveled back alley.

Kip W said...

If the Chron's Captcha for Mallard isn't "X" every day, they're going to lose a hell of a lot of readers.

dlauthor said...

Sorry, Bruce. Despite your devoutest wishes, the darkie's still going to be President after next Tuesday. I know this makes you apoplectic with rage. Have a fifth of Jim Beam, stomp on a few women's heads, and settle down.

Anonymous said...

Tinsley's far too dense to realize that the impact on anything that matters will be exactly nothing, regardless of who wins. The Constitution has been thoroughly shredded by Bush, and Obama and company have simply thrown the bits out in the trash. If the duck was afraid that illegal, anti-Muslim wars and police state "security" would end, he needn't have been. Our Nobel Peace Prize winner has been a true successor to Bush/Cheney in almost every way.

dlauthor said...

Uh-oh, looks like the Rast is out again, just in time for Halloween. Stay away from his house, trick or treaters!

CW in LA said...

See, I don't think that's Anonymelonfucker, but rather Anonyconcerntroll, who deplores the prez' supposed Bush-like tendencies but whose solution seems to be turning things back over to Bush's pals.

Kaitlyn said...

Isn't this true? No matter what happens, there's still a Democrat in the White House.

Where's the joke?

Also, there's a local ad where the Republican candidate has his daddy come out and say he doesn't like hearing these negative things about his son.

Oh, he'll probably win, it's only in the city that Democrats stand a chance.

Bill the Splut said...

"Why should I bother voting? All the polls show my man Dewey beating Truman in a landslide!"

WV: conzson; "Our 'Democrats won by voter fraud' con's on!"

Steve-O said...

You would think that after the "Mission Accomplished" fiasco that right-wingers would be a little more wary of spiking the football before reaching the endzone, but I guess that Tinsley is just too much of a dick to resist.

(either that or he's just a dumbass)

Frank Stone said...

Kaitlyn said:
"Where's the joke?"

That would be in Bruce Tinsley's mirror.

rewinn said...

At this point in the election cycle, there are few minds to be changed; it's all a question of encouraging people to vote or ... the conservative tactic ... discouraging people from voting.

Tinshley's never very skillful but today's "comic" is even more inept that usual. The art is, as usual, lazy: a duck in a suit reading something. Really, he's lazier than Ziggy, and that's pretty lazy. When a cartoonist is so uncreative, he's got to fall back on writing ... and again as usual, today's writing is bloated and limp. The "joke" would be crisper if the left balloon omitted everything before the 1st comma.

But there is good news today. One of the growing number of victims of rightwing violence ... the girl who got stomped by a Rand Paul supporter ... released a starting and inspiring letter in response to one of the criminal's demands that she apologize to him. It's really worth reading here.

It gives me hope for the future to see young kids like her write such stuff!

exanonymous said...

Democrats never had control of the White House. As Obama pointed out, needing 60 votes for everything and having holds placed for the sake of having holds, in essence abusing the process, has pretty much leashed the Democrats, giving Republicans space to blame them. The tea partiers will be buying a con, and electing officials who will then use their tax money to sabotage their own job, but will not reign in spending or reduce government because these people didn't get rich by shrinking their own paycheck.

Rootbeer said...

I... agree?

Does this comic strip understand how elections work?

word veri: morod. What Bruce Tinsley is when I have a stuffy nose.