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Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Those damned Protests

What's Mallard raving about today?

Muslims, Violence.

So, Mallard is telling you that he would support anyone who chose to burn the Bible to protest pedophile Catholic Priests, Evangelical Doctor Murderers, or Southern Baptist Terrorists.

On a serious note, however, Mallard's bully qualities are showing. He's the fat, stupid kid who punches another kid in the playground and then taunts the victim for reacting to the provocation.


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Ha ha! All Muslims are violent savages! Oh,'re SUCH a scream! Lucky for you that you declared the "race card" OFF LIMITS a while back; otherwise someone might point out how incredibly racist this is!

I mean, seriously, my god, there's not even a vague approximation of something that might look vaguely joke-esque in the right light here. It's just "Ha ha! Muslims suck ass!" So tell me, Tinsley, when you were a kid, is this what you imagined you'd be doing with your life? Making the world just that little bit worse, one day at a time? If so, then hey, congrats on livin' the dream.

I try--though sometimes I fail--to avoid passing absolute judgment on people, so I'll just say: Tinsley, you may or may not be fundamentally an irredeemably awful person, but your comic strip is exactly the sort of thing an irredeemably awful person would do.

Tog said...

Protests against Muslim violence? Like what?

...All the yoyos and wahoos burning or tearing up Qur'ans (including Israeli settlers)?

...All the yoyos and wahoos screaming and shrieking about imaginary "victory mosques?" (I guess that meme's fifteen minutes are about up, huh? It's starting to go quiet now as teabaggers stumble on to fresher outrages.)

...All the yoyos and wahoos who keep pretending that Muslims are the only ones capable of outrageous inhumanity?

Let me know when I'm getting warm, Batshit. If we didn't already know what a physical and intellectual coward YOU are--not to mention a slobbering, hypocritical bigot--we'd challenge you to make a genuine protest against violence yourself.

deepbeep said...

Hey Mallard, remember when you were too cowardly to speak out against the 2003 Iraq invasion? That was violence which resulted in 100,000 deaths. Where were you during the protests against that violence? You were ridiculing them, hypocrite.

Also, this comic is drawn weirdly, like Mallard is creepily invading my personal space. He seems to be around uppercut range right now.

Toots McGee said...

Is this about something specific, or is this just free floating hostility?

wv: apoop: aw look, little Brucie just made apoop.

dlauthor said...

Yes, some people, despite an adverse reaction to their behavior, continue to behave in antisocial and dangerous manner. Like, for instance, following up an arrest for public intoxication by driving drunk.

WV: toxid: half-rancid, half-toxic. E.g., Bruce Tinshley's liver.

NickE said...

Wooo! Tinz has once again written something so pointlessly racist that Newsday replaced it with a backup strip.

Keep it up, Tinz, and you'll soon be alone, speaking truth to bottle.

For the masochists, here's the replacement strip:

Artwork: TV Duck Crotch.

Text: "Once again I haven't followed baseball all year. But NOW....

" complete ignorance, I'm getting deeply involved in the playoffs.

"Know what's even stupider? ....Some people vote that way."

exanonymous said...

Burning a Koran isn't a "protest against Muslim violence" anymore than my spitting in Mallard's grandmother's face is a "protest against elderly violence." I'm allowed to do it, but I shouldn't act surprised if someone punches me in the face afterwards.

But while we're on the topic of violence, how is it that Mallard's missing one of the true sources of the continued violence? Does he even know how many Iraqi and Afghani civilians have been killed or wounded by our "war on terror and non-existant WMDs" now? Some by our own troops as trophy kills?

It's a number that if someone tried pulling that on US soil, we'd have used the nukes by now.

HT said...

...I'm honestly torn about this.

First off, I never supported burning Qur'ans. That's fucking stupid and insensitive to all Muslims and not just the extremists.

However... the worst Muslims are rather awful. Anyone who murders people for trivial reasons, supports total submission and violence against women, and death to entire countries too unlike their own are pretty awful. You can't deny that the Muslim fringe is extremely vocal and tends to get their way if they threaten to hurt people.

This comic has some witty aspects to it, in that this happens a lot. However, knowing the context that Tinz probably supported the burning of the Holy Book make it really dumb.

Kip W said...

I see a day coming when the strip is nothin but two pupils staring out of a white void. We'll be sorry then.

rewinn said...

Certainly the worst people are aweful. Do you know who does the most suicide bombings?

Hindu Tamils.

As others have said, it was "Christians" who invented and enforced the murderous sanctions against shipping medicine to Iraq for a decade (...spearheaded by Bill Clinton let it be noted).

There is no excuse for killing but the hypocrisy of those who condemn only violence by people who are Muslims would make Jesus weep.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Tamils? Pft. You REALLY expect wingers to be able to differentiate between different kinds of brown people? Whatever--in the wingnut mind they're all the same. That's why I refer to Tinsley's anti-Muslim bullshit as "racist;" no "Muslim" isn't actually a "race," but we all know bloody well that the real point is the Otherness.