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Sunday, October 17, 2010

That damned Olympics

What's Mallard raving about today?

Stoning, The Olympics.

Much of the World considers Capital Punishment, in any form, barbaric. To Mallard, the fact that Capital Punishment is legal in America proves how stupid everyone else in the World is.

Mallard considers stoning, as a method of Capital Punishment, barbaric. Mallard considers every individual member of a religion associated with a country in which stoning is legal a barbarian.



Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

…because Muslims are all savages who like stoning people, and the Olympics Committee is in thrall to them. I guess. It's REALLY weird when bigotry comes completely unmoored like this and loses ANY causal connection to any real or imagined facts about the world.

Factinista said...

So does Mallard think that Brazil is in the Middle East or something?

Tog said...

@Factinista: Batshit knows all he needs to know: It ain't America, and if it ain't America, it's Islamofascist!

Not only does America still have a love affair with executions, if you regularly follow the article discussions at any newspaper's website, you know the drill: roughly half of Americans don't seem to think a fair trial or even proof of innocence should stand in the way of the immediate execution of anyone suspected of committing any crime worse than spitting on the sidewalk.

...That is, unless the accused's politics are known to skew to the right; then it suddenly gets considerably less black-and-white for some reason. Case in point: Rush Limbaugh.

So, which half do you suppose we're talking about here?

Tell us, Batshit--is the electric chair going to be an Olympic event too?

Randy said...

Didn't Bob Dylan do a song about this?

Revver said...

One of my favorite lines from My Cousin Vinny;
"Are you on drugs?"
My first question if I ever meet Brucie Bruce;
"Are you on drugs?"
An independant poll I'd like to conduct on this blog;
"How many of you are on drugs?"

dlauthor said...

Mallard's right, you know! Because the Olympics have a history of giving in to Muslim extremists, like that time they gave those guys in 1972 free ice cream and cake!

And the Olympics also like to feature the most barbaric behavior as events, like the well-known "freestyle lynch a black person" competitions less than a century ago!

Unfortunately for Tinshley, though, they've never featured driving or drinking events, much less the biathlon of his dreams.

exanonymous said...

He's also right because no one condemns stoning! At all! Certainly not those liberals, human rights pansies, and the UN.

Tog said...

Just like Saturday's Snuffy Smith coincidentally nailed Batshit on the subject of "how bait works," Sunday's Non Sequitur takes Batshit to school on the subject of violent religions.

Must be a conspiracy.

deepbeep said...

In high school, I sat next to a guy who was in the KKK. During class he sketched drawings of himself involved in fictional lynchings, and occasionally showed them to me. When he passed them, he laughed as if they were particularly clever or funny.

My classmate had wretched beliefs, but at least he never tried to disguise his bigotry. I'd respect Tinsley more if he didn't try to shoehorn the Olympics (wtf?) into what he's really trying to say. These type of cartoons always flash me back to high school -- the same bigotry and smug chortling, only with an extra layer of incomprehensibility. It's probably there to give the papers an excuse not to wax him, but cowering to PR is unbecoming for someone who's all about truth to power.

Kip W said...

It's funny because we just ignore the "stoning" bits in the Bible. They're just allegorical, like all the other parts we don't dare acknowledge just yet!

rewinn said...

Is Tinsley attaching our allies the Saudis,who practice judicial torture, mutilation and killing (e.g. some examples)?

Or is his faux outrage directed only against this year's dark-skinned target?

Remember: Oceania has ALWAYS been at war with EastAsia!

P.S. another lazy strip: a duck watching TV. Mallard Fillmore is just Ziggy on meth

exanonymous said...


You mean like the fact that charging interest is strictly forbidden by all Christians in the Bible and all debts must be canceled every 7 years?

Usury is a sin that lands people in hell. Yet you see more people out with signs expressing concern over the immortal souls of gay people. Go figure.