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Friday, October 08, 2010

That damned Search

What's Mallard raving about today?


Hey, guess what? It seems like Mallard hates Muslims.

Knock me over with a feather.


Tog said...

"Tee-hee! Not only do I call them 'creatures,' I get to pretend that the non-violent ones are a MYTH!! *giggle!* ...And I can still claim I'm not a bigot because I didn't actually use a slur! Mommy was right! I AM clever!"
--Bruce "Batshit" Tinsley, (Psychological) Age Two

HT said...

Two words Tinz:

Fuck you.

James Murton said...

Jesus, Mallard, come to Leicester, in England, I've just lived there for three years, it's got a pretty high Muslim population and most of them are friendly and non-violent. Of course, they may have only been acting like that toward me because I wasn't running around screaming that they were all murderers and comparing them to Bigfoot. You may still have problems.

deepbeep said...

Why do I get the feeling that Bruce Tinsley doesn't know any Muslims?

Ducky is Right said...

Are we still in the Era of Great Writing?

Yes, we get it; muslims are evil, homogeneous, sub-human, hive-minds of evil, so it's totally okay to want to go all genocide on them. Kill the pig, cut its throat, spill its blood.

Kip W said...

Remember, if there's no asterisk, it wasn't on Fox News. And if it wasn't on Fox News, then it didn't happen. Therefore, the only real Muslims are repurposed stereotypes from every other racist demagogue who ever screamed "Look at those dark-skinned hoodlums!" while picking his audience's pocket with the hand that wasn't pointing.

wv: hangs. Et tu, wv?

ajm said...

Tinsley offers nuanced, non-hysterical look at Muslims.

In other news: Christina Hendricks signed to star in Twiggy biopic.

Rootbeer said...

Well, if NY Newsday didn't run yesterday's strip, they probably aren't running today's, either.

If you have to pull three strips in a single week for offensive content, perhaps your paper shouldn't be carrying the comic altogether.


CW in LA said...

Sure, they could always replace it with the marginally less-vile Prick City.

dlauthor said...

Once again, I am seized by the hope that, when they're old enough to get the fuck out of the den of bile, hatred, and bathtub gin where they are currently growing up, at least one of Tinshley's kids dates a Muslim. Or is at least friends with one. Or even does more than give them the stink-eye while quietly peeing themselves out of fear when they see them in person. Because even that would be a step up from the vile, gibbering meatbag who drew this strip.

Better yet, maybe one or more of them could convert. Tinshley's aorta would go off like a champagne magnum. Of course, what came out would not be blood, but a sort of black, pudding-like slurry, but still.

rewinn said...

Funny thing: the Afghans and Iraqis for whom Bush launched two land wars in Asia are Muslim.

Not to mention the Saudis.

exanonymous said...

If Muslims were really after you, Mallard, you'd be dead.

Seriously, you can't have 1/5 of the world population be a "violent" religion without having the other 4/5s being significantly reduced over time.

Guess that doesn't fit the profile though.

That and he'd have to admit that the previous administration spent hundreds of millions of dollars per person to catch what is exclusively terrorists divorced from any morality in religion, his "fiscal conservative" head might explode.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Yeah, this is unbelievably vile all right. Just when you think Tinsley can't stoop any we are.

NickE said...

Yes, the strip was replaced in Newsday again, with a replacement from some kind of a "Fringe"-ish alt-universe in which Tinsley is still a racist dick, but a different racist dick.

In the alternate universe of today's replacement strip, Mallard and his TV-warmed crotch was replaced with -- you should sit down for this -- two non-grotesquely-drawn black people.

Text is something like, "Should we watch a reality show, a cop show, a cop-reality show, or a reality show about cops who are on a reality show?"

As for today's strip, I am speechless.

NickE said...

Can anybody explain to me why a comic about nothing but hate, day after day, month after month, is supposed to "balance" Doonesbury, a strip with storylines, characters, and in which the only reference to hate -- to the best of my recollection -- was a storyline involving Melissa, a victim of command rape, as she tries to climb above hate in an effort to heal?

dlauthor said...

NickE, you answered your own question. If Mallard is meant to balance Doonesbury, and Doonesbury is well-thought-out, well-written, witty and poignant by turns, and generally well-meaning toward people in general, with recognizable characters rather than straw men and the distinct lack of the reek of flop sweat and cheap bourbon ... well, then Tinshley's pretty much got it nailed, doesn't he?

WV: misher: "well, gee, Misher Pleeshman, guesh I couldn't shtraight a walk line aftrall."

Bill the Splut said...

Bigfoot's as mythical as a "Compassionate Conservative" or a "Non-Racist Teabagger." Or a "Dullard Failmore strip that's not an emetic."

WV: chaing; Bruce's version of "Hope and Change," as in "I Hope all them racist brown people end up in Chaingangs!"

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Tinsley tweets:

Mario Vargas Llosa JUST WON NOBEL FOR LITERATURE!!!! Maybe a conservative cartoonist still has a shot?....

Six points here:

A. You've never actually READ Llosa, what with being borderline illiterate; you just heard that he is in some vague way 'conservative,' never mind that that has fuck all to do with American wingnuttery.

B. Oh, so non-DWMs are okay as long as you can try to co-opt them?

C. So suddenly Nobel Prizes ARE something we should take seriously?

D. There is no Nobel Prizes for cartooning.

E. Your incoherent scribblings barely constitute 'cartoons' ANYWAY.

F. Even if there was and they did, the Nobel Prizes are for people who've ADVANCED humanity in some way. If nothing else (and there's a LOT else, believe me), your hateful anti-Muslim bigotry would have pretty thoroughly disqualified you.

Glad to help.

MartyRotten said...

A one minute Google search just turned up a whole page of Muslims condemning terrorism. (some of the links are broken but most of them work.) HOW much research does Tinsley say he puts into this strip? I think Bill Griffith puts more research into Zippy the Pinhead.

Kaitlyn said...

He could still say he was nominated for a Nobel - they never reveal who was nominated.

I'm still bitter about losing the peace prize to the president.