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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Those damned Tyrannosaurs

What's Mallard raving about today?

Dinosaurs, Muslims.

Mallard makes the case that hating all Muslims is OK because the actions of Muslim extremists demands it.

Remind me again, what religion was Timothy McVeigh? Eric Rudolph? The IRA? The UVF? I want to make sure I properly hate every member of those religions.


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

So apparently this comic is actually a rerun, because bigoted trash never ceases to be relevant. And lookit who linked to it at the time.

Just because actual, out-in-the-open Neo-Nazis approvingly link to your racist comic doesn't mean YOU'RE some kinda racist! Heaven forefend!

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

...okay, it occurs to me that that link probably updates the comic every day, so it's not a rerun, and it's not this one specifically. The point remains, though: NEO-NAZIS LUV MALLARD FILLMORE.

Taquelli said...

Yeah, Bronty #2 would be totally justified if there weren't actually 1.5 billion Tyrannosauruses, 99% of whom eat sticks and small bugs. He should really be terrified of tar pits and obesity.

rewinn said...

It must be killing Mallard that the last 3 wars we've fought were sold to America by Republican presidents as crusades to liberate Muslims: Kuwait, Afghanistan and Iraq.

doubleyou-tee-eff said...

…Might as well be a rerun.

Randy said...

Yeah, Tinsley, as you so often point out with your many witty metaphors*, discriminating against creatures of an entirely different species (and usually genus, family, and sometimes order too) is just like discriminating against other humans, isn't it?

I'm also wondering if the "tyrannophobia" bit isn't also a bit of a jab at the "terrible tyrant" the teabaggers are all up in arms & wetting their pants about. That might be a bit too clever for Brucie to have pulled out of his own ass, though.

* Wittiness not guaranteed in 50 US states, or anywhere in the presence of oxygen.

exanonymous said...

Yes, ALL Muslims want to kill everyone else. We're just so lucky that apparently 99.9% of them have decided to kill us with diabetes, cancer, car crashes, and old age.

And we all know that Muslims are a different species who live on the blood of white babies and fear.

Kip W said...

The only Muslims who are as xenophobic and vicious as Republicans believe they are are happen to be the most conservative fundamentalists — the ones who lust for a nonexistent golden age before the evils of modernism ruined everything.

I wonder what their version of Mallard Fillmore looks like.

deepbeep said...

"Comparing minority groups to predatory animals" could get its own Duck and Cover tag. This might actually be the most bigoted of the bunch, although it's hard to beat comparing Latin American immigrants to giant snakes.

I think I know why the artwork in Mallard Fillmore is so bad: while other cartoonists were studying Nancy or Peanuts for art techniques, Tinsley was studying 1930s German political cartoons for the metaphors.

Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

There might have been a time when I would have argued that comparing Tinsley to Julius Streicher was a bridge too far. That time is no more. He really has been outdoing himself lately with the racist, xenophobic propaganda. I wonder if this is what he meant when he said he was on a roll.

Tog said...

Oh, my, no! Batshit's no bigot! See Monday's strip? Chinese dude won the Nobel Peace Prize! And since Batshit has an "Asian fetish," which is the opposite of racism, so shut up shut up, suddenly he has huge respect for the Nobel Prize, and for jailed dissidents.

He's SO not bigoted!

What's that you say?
Nelson Mandela?

Frank Stone said...

Hur hur. It's funny 'cuz librulz're too dumb t'be scared'a them scary moozlums.

Oh, wait -- no, it's not.

Nagol said...

Radical Muslims and Radical conservatives are two sides of the same coin.

Following the "logic" in this strip, I guess I should start hating and fearing all Christians because people who called themselves "Christian" did terrible things during the Holocaust. Also, this must mean that all Catholics are child molesters.
Get some help, Bruce, and stop writing comic strips.