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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Those damned Groups

What's Mallard raving about today?

Democrats, Muslims.

When you never leave your living room or turn off Fox News, you would tend not to run into the majority of Muslims and Democrats.

That makes you the idiot, though.


Tog said...

No wonder there's no such thing as global warming where Batshit lives. Planet Brucie has clearly broken free from its orbit and flung itself waaaaaaay out into the aether.

Glad I don't live there.

C'mon, Batshit, we all know you just want to scream the N-word over and over and over again, raving like that foamy-mouthed "No Victory Mosque" tea-tard on YouTube who likewise doesn't have a clue. Go on, give in to the urge. Then we can all be well and truly done with you.

Bill the Splut said...

Oh, so we're back to this witty repartee again. Did he wake up on the floor and suddenly remember his train of "thought" from last week?

Anybody else have a coworker who tells the same unfunny "joke" over and over, somehow expecting that if no one laughed the first time, they'll laugh the twentieth? That's Bruce's job. He gets paid to suck. Does anyone read Dullard Failmore not to just make fun of it? It's hard to picture anybody who agrees with his knuckle-walking opinions doing much reading.

NickE said...

Sorry to have been missing here, folks; I just came back from Ireland last night. 28 hours to get there from NY (including an unplanned 12-hour layover in Amsterdam), and mysteriously-cancelled tickets from Cork to NY requiring an additional $1220 ticket purchase. Swear to God, if Tinsley were an airline, he's be KLM.

Anyhow, I wanted you to know that -- bzzapp -- Newsday used a substitute strip again today. Two "Liberals, the Early Years" cavemen, one saying, "That's a tree, that's a rock..." and the other one complaining, "Why must you always use labels..."

If Newsday would just print his racist vomit as it comes, people would complain so loud that the strip would be cancelled immediately. C'mon, Brucie, call up Newsday and demand they stop replacing your strips. Speak truth to power, eh?

JohnE said...

He leaves his living room - to bicycle down to his closest liquor store.

Kip W said...

Tin doesn't know about Muslims who repudiate violence because they speak in a language he doesn't understand: words of more than one syllable.

Steve-O said...

Come on Tinsley, didn't you get the memo? The word is "refudiate", Sarah Palin said so! That makes it true!

Also, you already did this lame-ass "comic" you drunken hack.

wv:ohobo, Tinsley's occupation in a just world.

Rootbeer said...

Thank you NickE for keeping us infromed.

Newsday is to be commended for not publishing this hateful dreck, and condemned for spending money to syndicate this hateful dreck.

wavydavy said...

Not much to add other than "Aaarrrrrggggghhhh!!"


WV: minergo. In honor of Brucie, it was going to be "my negro", but the politically correct version of the bot changed it. At least I am sure that would be Brucie's explanation.

NickE said...

It's been said here before, but this strip really made me understand: This is the unfortunate result when people use Fox and RW radio as their only sources of information. And Fox, of course, tells its listeners that they are the only truthful news source, and if their listeners hear anything that disagrees from it, then THAT news source lies.

It's a great business model, but only if you consider news a business rather than something with a higher purpose.

Here in the real world, however, the end result is the resurgence and growth of bigotry, and a mindset that replaces a well-informed democracy with Corporatocracy.

Rupert wins; Americans lose.

exanonymous said...

People like Mallard are bullies. They create an argument in favor of making someone appear in a less favorable light that you they do nothing to refute. If Muslims did repudiate violence, it wouldn't be loud enough, or the right phrases. And when eventually they reached the level of acceptance, it would switch to being too loud and too much what people want to hear making it once again suspicious.

Obama's still got a high rating from those who voted for him, and an overall approval rating that is still quite high considering conservatives have taken to blindly and obediently disapproving of everything he's done.

exanonymous said...

Bah, I swear I edited some of that to read better. Must not have hit the delete key hard enough.

deepbeep said...

The selection bias continues! So where are all the bartenders who don't try to take away your damned keys?

Kip W said...

wavydavy, a kid in my neighborhood once sought to belittle my best friend by saying, "You are a n-e-r-g-o!" Needless to say, this gave Scott and me quite a bit of entertainment.

(ps: Scott's a Native American.)

wavydavy said...

@Kip --

Dontcha know that if you're not white, you're a "nergo" -- they ("others") all look the same anyway, right?

Kip W said...

To be fair, I think this was the only time that kid said anything I'd interpret as prejudiced. It was kind of a weird bolt from the blue.