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Monday, October 04, 2010

Those damned Throwers

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama.

Wow, way to torture the English language there, Mallard.

Again, however, you have no standing to discuss President Obama's popularity as it meant nothing to you when it was high, and you made no mention of President Bush's as it sank to levels Obama detractors can only fantasize about.


Faster, Harder, More Challenging GeoX said...

Zzzzz...oh, I'm sorry, MALLARD FILLMORE, I FELL ASLEEP, on account of HOW BORING the comic strip called MALLARD FILLMORE is. Like, you know how when things are really, super BORING, they make people FALL ASLEEP? That's what happened with the INCREDIBLY BORING comic strip called MALLARD FILLMORE. In conclusion: zzzzzzz...

Tog said...

I'm still waiting for those strips that Batshit twittered were going to wow the world with their brilliant stinging satire.

Is this all you got, Batshit? You actually dug up some Dem-on-Dem campaign mud from two years ago and slapped it over your groundless fantasy that the whole world's turning on Obama?

Heh. Simp.

Kip W said...

I expect Tin Eye is happy to know that in most circumstances, he won't be the bore-ee.

dlauthor said...

Meanwhile, opinions of Bruce Tinshley among fellow falling-down drunks varies wildly depending on how much money he owes them that week.

rewinn said...

The punchline is ... Tinshley can't name one former support of Obama who's throwing him under the bus.

I'm disappointed that Obama's tried to be Bill Clinton instead of FDR, but I'm not crazy enough to join the party of O'Donnell

Steve-O said...

Still waiting on the "comics" about Republicans throwing Teabaggers under the bus. Or is it Teabaggers throwing Republicans under the bus? It's hard to tell.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

Subliterate-fucking-retard-esque idea of well strip of comic mind sociopath not Tinsley good are.

Seriously, though, this reads like it was translated by Babelfish from German. Allow me to translate it to and from the language:

" under D bus intelligent… " … Pulling i-way it forwards, the spraying ring as the throwee to be… Former advocates, who reject Obama

Makes more sense!

Neo Tuxedo said...

Tinsley: Sociopath skrev:

Seriously, though, this reads like it was translated by Babelfish from German. Allow me to translate it to and from the language... Makes more sense!

Good one, T:S! Here, let me throw a Translation Party with the sentence:

Start: "Under-the-bus"-wise, I way prefer being the thrower, not the throwee.

End: "Unit - under the bus," I like to throw in there throwee.

And the headline "Former supporters rejecting Obama" becomes "Rejection, in turn, to support the original Obama".

WV: mindpati. (From the badlands came the bad man, Tinsley was his name...)

lyricsweakly said...

Upside-the-head-wise, Tinsley deserves to be the smackee.

exanonymous said...

Quick everyone! Look at the Democratic party falling apart!

Anything so that you won't notice this Tea Party business splitting up the conservative vote!

Madpuppy said...

Tinsley claimed that last week's work were his best in a long time.

Sadly, he was correct.

deepbeep said...

ex-anon, do you really think tea-partiers are going to vote for anyone without an "R" preceding their name? One would conclude they'd flock to the Libertarian party in droves, but that would necessitate them both thinking for themselves and being intellectually honest.