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Tuesday, October 05, 2010

That damned Panic

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama

On 5 October, 2010, Mallard Fillmore called the 2012 election for Sarah Palin.

Mark it down.


Tog said...

Batshit is careful to say "Hollywood celebrities," because otherwise he'd look like a hypocrite, what with his tongue constantly jammed up the asses of Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck and all that...

"Remember, journalists and professors are STOOPID! Only thrice-divorced illegal-immigrant-employing Asian-sex-touring drug addicts represent American values!!1"

Ducky is Right said...

Tinsly apparently believes that college professors and Hollywood faggots (oh come on, Ducks, I'm just translating for you) make up 40% of the US population.

Tinsly is very stupid.

dlauthor said...

That constantly downward-pointing arrow looks familiar. Did Tinshley clear the empties off the pile marked "2007?"

Kip W said...

I intended to say something very much like what Ducky is Right said almost seven hours ago.

Nothing left now but to idly wonder how long it's been since Tin could even summon up an asterisk to validate his talking points.

Rootbeer said...

So is he reading the back page of a periodical named Polls, or has he folded over the paper in the middle, and is reading the obverse side of the page before the Polls section? Or have the Jews who run the media started publishing in Hebrew with the binding on the right side?

We'd really be in trouble if Obama was as daft as Tinsley imagines he is.

rewinn said...

A nation that hates educated people ("professors") cannot compete with those that support them.

Why does Tinshley hate America?

Tog said...

As if to illustrate Rewinn's point, the teabaggers (and Joe the Plumber) dive straight through the bottom of the barrel.

"They don't like animals," (Anita Andrews from Alliance For Truth) said of the Humane Society of the United States.

Oh, Batshit, I can't wait!

"Should the government have the right to limit the number of houses a realtor can sell? Or the number of cattle a rancher can raise?"

CW in LA said...

Apparently the president's approval rating is back up to 50%:

I'm guessing this won't be in any of the Tinsh's strips two or three weeks from now, though.

Tog said...

I don't mean to try and monopolize and comments, but: "Hugely successful" Glenn Beck has reacted to the OneNation rally...with selective blindness. Crooks&Liars helps him find what he was "looking" for.

As usual, I await Batshit's reactionary strip but won't hold my breath. No doubt it'll be some horseshit about how the "OneNation Socialists" left behind more trash than the 'baggers.

Tinsley: Sociopath said...

How appropriate that Tinsley, having written a disjointed nonsensical shit-pile of a sentence yesterday, would claim that intellectuals are evil.

Note that Tinsley demands that popular opinion be the basis for government policy, yet whenever someone calls the populace stupid, he complains.

Word Verification: Nudons, those bubble-covered nudes invented by a tight-ass Mormon. Tinsley considers them too close to nudity, and therefore, evil.

Kaitlyn said...

So... professors are bad, but our schools suck and that's bad.

Even charter school teachers would have been taught by... professors.

Even businessmen were taught by... yeah.

It's like they're trying to take over the world!

By the way, you can still disagree with a professor and not only learn something, but pass. If it's discussion class, by presenting your argument in a good way. If not, by shutting up.

Kaitlyn said...

If not Hollywood celebrities, then what movie industry?

Bollywood? It has Muslims. Everywhere!

Nollywood? AFRICANS!!!

French? They're FRENCH!!!

What to do, what to do.