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Monday, July 02, 2012

That damned Border

What's Mallard raving about today?


I like the way Mallard casually throws "learn English" in there. Like all legal immigrants are fluent in English and difficulty with English is only a mark of illegal immigration.

I was recently reading a book on the Great Depression and one of the things that struck me most about it is that the same immigrant-bashing was going on then, only it was the Italians and the Irish at the time.

All of which is to say: this isn't about immigration, Mallard. It's thinly (very thinly) veiled hatred of "the Other."


Anonymous said...

Not to mention that the immigrants who are going to be allowed to stay because of Obama, most likely speak English since they came over as children and went to American schools.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

Asshole doesn't see the difference between sneaking in and living here all your life and not being deported.

Oh. I spelled "Tinsley" wrong. I'll bet it's a frequent error.

Tog said...

Because "illegals" have it soooo cushy. Damn freeloaders! Takin' American jobs that Americans ain't willin' ta do! Damn them for supportin' billion-dollar industries with back-snappin' labor! Their children should remain uneducated and sick and in constant fear of being tossed out! That'll teach 'em to be born wrong!!

How could any of that come back to bite us on the ass?

rewinn said...

Mallard Fillmore is "concern trolling" for legal immigrants. You don't have to learn to speak much English to be a legal immigrant or even to be naturalized as a citizen. Here in King County we have enough native speakers of Chinese who lack adult English skills that we print ballots in that language.

I rather doubt the reichwing will get any support among the immigrant community other than that it got from those whose parents moved here for business reasons (Senator Rubio, I'm looking at you!) The only purpose of legal immigrant concern trolling is to comfort the reichwing with the notion that they aren't racist asshats cuz, you know, some of their best friends were born foreign. Like Mitt Romney's granddaddy.


Spanking Kids Leads to Adult Mental Illnesses according to a study

"Childhood punishments such as spanking, slapping, and hitting – even in the absence of full-scale maltreatment – are associated with an increased risk of mental disorders in adulthood, researchers reported.

Adults who reported such punishments in their childhood had a greater risk of mood disorders, anxiety disorders, alcohol and drug abuse dependence, and several personality disorders, according to Tracie Afifi, PhD, of the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, and colleagues.

Up to 7 percent of some adult disorders can be attributed to "harsh physical punishment" in childhood, Afifi and colleagues reported online in Pediatrics. "


Anyone wanna guess Bruce Tinshley was spanked a lot?

DiR said...

I am in no mood to address every bit of wrong in this strip.
Go to hell, moron.