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Thursday, July 19, 2012

That damned Tax

What's Mallard raving about today?

Affordable Care Act, President Obama

On the one hand...Thank God, we're moving off this Andrea Mitchell rant, because it was getting embarrassing.

On the other hand...this is going to go one for a while.


Tog said...

I'm gonna love going through these again in about a year. (You know, a year after THE DAY AMERICA DIED according to all the wrong-wing regurgitators.)

Anthony said...

How loud a sound does Mallard think a fist bump makes? Were these fist bumps made with Hulk hands? Does he really think a fist bump makes a sound that goes "fist bump"?

Rootbeer said...

"Fist bump" is a racist dogwhistle and Bruce Tinsley found it necessary to use it no less than three times in this strip.

He also seems to have come unstuck in time, as there's no indication that the events of the second panel took place nearly three years prior to the events of the first.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

Anthony, how else are we supposed to be able to tell what's happening in the strip? Through skillful drawings? Competent drawings??

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

Rootbeer, that's just creative editing! It's a legitimate journalistic tool, if you're a Republican.

dlauthor said...

So on the day of the decision, Tinshley clearly hadn't gotten his "Roberts done betrayed us or his medication made him do it or Obama threatened his kids or something" marching orders yet. We shall see.

Less than one week until we find out if he was even aware of July 4 on July 4, folks! Should be fun!

rewinn said...

Are we supposed to be angry because something Obama thought in the 1st panel (presumably in 2012) contradicted by something Obama said in the 1st panel (presumably in 2010)?

This is just silly. In every court case, someone wins and someone loses and if the Supreme Court ruling against you doesn't mean that your legal claim becomes a lie retroactively; it just means you lost on that issue. And if, as in the Obamacare case, the tactical loss leads to a strategic win, well my friends, welcome to the sacrifice bunt!

OTOH "retroactive retirement" is becoming popular among Republican apologists as a way of covering for lies, so maybe Bruce Drinkly mashed those together into some sort of a "retroactive lie".

Frank Stone said...

Um. Is Obama supposed to be thinking "fist bump"? If not, who is he talking to?

Oh, wait -- I forgot that one should never have a reasonable expectation of storytelling competence from Bruce Tinsley. Never mind.

Tog said...

Oh, those Darks and their Fist Bumpings!

Meanwhile, Queen Ann proclaims "you people" have all the Rmoney tax returns you're gonna get. Anyone think that needs to be creatively edited to show how out-of-touch the Rmoneys are?

Tog said...

And touching back to the subject of creative editing again: Anyone imagine Tinsley's going to grace us with a caricature of that spotty little attempted rapist Jimmy O'Keefe?

DiR said...

No doubt a 'terrorist fist jab".

Annnd here we go. I invite you all to enjoy the next two weeks of Bruce's Own Personal Wonka Boat Tunnel.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

Tog, O'Keefe reminds me more and more of Albert Brooks and "Another Kooky Krazy Kall," where he basically imitates a "funny" DJ.

"I'm going to disguise my voice and try and charter a flight... to AUSTRALIA! Let's see what happens!"

So he calls a travel agent, talks like Nixon, can barely keep from snorting, and when the agent asks him questions about his plans, he doesn't have any answers, and the agent suggests he call back when he has a little more information.

Then he hangs up and laughs at himself.

The only difference is that instead of laughing, O'Keefe edits the footage (clumsily) and pretends he's proved something. Instead of being contemptibly unfunny, like the DJs Brooks lampoons, he's contemptible AND unfunny.