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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

That damned Trilogy

What's Mallard raving about today?


Mallard Fillmore forgot the 4th of July.

Mallard Fillmore is an America-hating ass hat and is no longer able to claim to be a Patriot, because a Patriot would NEVER forget the 4th of July.

On topic, Mallard Fillmore believes the problem with literature he dislikes is that it comes in three parts. Not surprising that it never occurs to him it could have anything to do with the quality of the writing, since obviously he is not qualified to judge writing.


Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

It's like the original advice Tinsley got from an editor. "Son, your one-panel political cartoons stink. Come back to me when you can do a three-panel strip."

DiR said...

Come on, guys, how was he supposed to know which day the 4th of July was going to land on?

MartyRotten said...

Tinsley hates trilogies because it's hard for him to get through one book, let alone three. Even "My Pet Goat" was a little over his head.

CW in LA said...

More-patriotic-than-thou Brewsie blows off the Fourth to resume b!tching about contemporary literature? He can't even be a teabagging idiot right!

Frank Stone said...

If publishers are obsessed with trilogies, it's only because trilogies have proven to be reliable sellers. The Free Market has spoken. Why do you hate The Free Market, Brucie?

Also, as noted, it's the Fourth of July and there's no flag-waving, pseudo-patriotic sentimentality in today's strip. Why do you hate America, Brucie?

Toots McGee said...

Even as a standard "Tinsley complaint" this is incomprehensible. It's just irritatingly bland.

I wanted to be irate about it because I love literature and I take this as an assault from an unqualified critic, but it's just so pointless and vague that I won't bother. Heck, I could even be a snob about books, but I think I would at least have a substantive reason to be down on something.

Instead of wasting breath on more of this (or trying to figure out what the 7/5 strip even means), I'd like to recommend a "trilogy" that I found highly entertaining and moving.

There are three autobiographical novels by Ferrol Sams, a physician (who was still practicing in his eighties) who recounts his childhood, college/medical school and military service in WWII.

These are the titles:
Run with the Horsemen
The Whisper of the River
When All the World Was Young

Rootbeer said...

Bruce Tinsley's full bibiliography:

Mallard Fillmore (1995)
Mallard Fillmore. ...on the Stump (1996)

Sounds like someone's mad that Andrews McMeel Publishing didn't ask for a third volume in 1997, or any year since.

rewinn said...

"Mallard Fillmore continues to be one of the most highly contentious and celebrated comic strips, providing a unique conservative viewpoint to the comics pages. Mallard Fillmore has been a lightning rod for controversy with the right-leaning duck consistently addressing hot button issues and lampooning liberal politicians, the media and cultural establishments. "

That's what it says, right on the webpage. Man, trilogies sure are a hot-button issue!