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Friday, July 06, 2012

That damned Support

What's Mallard raving about today?


Most Republicans with any kind of a public forum, I believe, know exactly how dishonest they are being when the spout nonsense like this. But since their goal is personal enrichment, their goal is to manipulate the severely gullible and lies are part of the effort.

Mallard Fillmore, by contrast, is in the severely gullible cohort.


CW in LA said...

Brews IS a massive idiot. But he spends enough of his wretched existence swilling wingnut ideology like cheap booze that in this case he's maliciously disingenuous rather than gullible. He's a vicious, lying demagogue, mitigated only by the fact that no one outside this blog gives a damn what he has to say.

Tog said...

Who's waging class warfare now, Bruce Tinsley?

Rootbeer said...


Nor is it news, really, because reporting on what people _aren't_ doing isn't journalism.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

And remember, kids, the only tax that matters is Federal income tax. Not sales tax, not Social Security withholding, not property tax, not state tax.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

The ones who should be protesting are the blue states, which end up paying for the grifters in the red states.

rewinn said...

Angry White Man is Angry!

Is this news?

P.S. Many of those who "don't pay federal income tax" are the elderly retired. Tell grandma to get out of her wheelchair and back to work!

P.P.S. Many of the others who "don't pay federal income tax" are mothers raising families. Why does Bruce Tinshely think THAT's not work?

Anonymous said...

And the poor pay a lot of property tax, indirectly through their rent.

Although the book "How to lie with statistics" was already written in 1954, the Republican party (and Fox) could easily add several chapter, or write a book of their own. Oh, they already do that, and call it "campaign strategy."

Frank Stone said...

And you would have been out protesting today too, Mallard, but you were too busy lounging on your lazy ass in front of the TV, weren't you?

It's strips like these that are actually offensive -- because of their sheer, overwhelming volume of grotesque, willful stupidity.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

Favorite quote from How to Lie with Statistics: "When all the mistakes are in the cashier's favor, you have to wonder."

dlauthor said...

Day 2 of "Independence Day Was WHEN?" Watch: still nothing. Just more bitching about how he had to write a check three weeks ago so he had roads he could drive on.

Marion Delgado said...

Even doesn't always claim it's 51%:

"Chart: Nearly Half of All Americans Don't Pay Income Taxes 19, 2012 "

yahoo news is scarcely the liberal media, but:

In response to Occupy Wall Street's protest slogan of "We are the 99 percent," conservatives have started an online counterprotest called "We are the 53 percent" -- a reference to the 53 percent of Americans who pay federal income tax, on top of the payroll, local, sales and other taxes that other Americans pay.
The Tumblr blog offers helpful suggestions to the other 47 percent, including "quit whining," "get off your duff" and "suck it up you whiners." But who are these mysterious people who don't pay income tax -- besides roughly half of the United States' taxpaying population? More importantly, how do they manage to do it?

    31: Percent of nonpaying American households making $10,000 or less per year in 2010 (PDF link to study). An American household of any size making this amount of money, including just one person, is automatically under the poverty threshold.

    61: Percent of nonpaying American households making $20,000 or less per year.

    87: Percent of nonpaying American households making $40,000 or less per year.
$22,050: The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' 2009 definition of the poverty threshold, for a family with two children living in the 48 contiguous states or the District of Columbia.

    1964: The last year the minimum standard of living defined as below the poverty level was updated, for the purpose of government definitions. A number of things that are required by job-seekers and at-home workers, and that are considered vital parts of American life now, were not included because they did not exist -- things such as computers, cellphones, and Internet access.

    $29,600: One proposal for what the poverty line for a family of four should be reset to, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The proposal corrects for a number of statistical quirks in the original, including the assumption that all senior citizens would eat less.

    $11,500: The standard income tax deduction for a married couple with two children. The deduction is $9,500 for a couple and $1,000 for each child, as of the tax law change in 2003.

    $5,036: The Earned Income Tax Credit granted to a family with two children, according to the 2010 IRS 1040 form. The EITC is a tax break granted to people who work for a living, which grants substantially more to families with children.

    16.3: Percent of their incomes that the bottom 20 percent of American earners paid in all forms of taxes combined, on average, in 2010. Some taxes, like state, local, sales, and payroll taxes, take a larger percentage of poor people's income than they do the top 1 percent's.

    26.9: Percent of America's net worth owned by the entire bottom 90 percent of American earners, including home equity.

    4: Job seekers for every job opening in the United States.