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Thursday, July 05, 2012

That damned Statistic

What's Mallard raving about today?


Gee, I wonder if that has to do with declining incomes driving people into brackets where they end up paying no income tax (although you do pay other taxes, such as Payroll and Social Security)?

Which is of course totally awesome because you don't have to pay taxes! The fact that you don't know where your next meal is coming for is a small price to pay!

Pssssst, Mallard, Republicans have been in control of the White House for almost 60% of that time, so blame them.


Boborygmy said...

That's good news, Mallard! Less people paying income tax. And in 1981 the highest tax rate was 70%, in 1983 it dropped to 50%, and today it is only 35%.

With more and more people becoming too poor to pay taxes, and rich people getting richer and paying less taxes, eventually taxes will go away entirely - and then: free ponies for everyone!

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

Mallard wants to drown the government in the bathtub and then whine that his trash doesn't get picked up.

dlauthor said...

And so, Day One of "OH SHIT I FORGOT JULY 4" Watch passes without any horrible dawning realizations.

Instead, we get bitching about taxes, stemming no doubt from the fact that Tinshley (being a freelancer) left his quarterly estimated tax payment until the last minute, which was ... exactly three weeks ago!

Frank Stone said...

And when was the last time YOU earned enough money to pay federal income taxes, Mr. "Lucky Ducky"?

My GOD, you're stupid.

Tog said...

@Kip W: When I saw your post, I immediately thought about ratbag Michelle Malkin's astonishing hypocrisy when it's HER stuff at risk.

Save my house, you overpaid assholes! Then I can get back to trying to take away your pensions! I don't want to talk about this now! Make everyone shut up and leave me alone, Sean!!

As for Tinsley...well, I'll say it again: he worships the Laffer Curve and consequently nothing he has to say about economic matters can be taken even remotely seriously.

rewinn said...

Meanwhile, we're learning that Mitt Romney made money off abortions, which should endear him to the pro-lifers except they'll ignore it.

Wanna bet Mallard Fillmore says nothing?

Rootbeer said...

Aww, how cute, he's just a few brain impulses away from understanding that three decades of supply-side economics has decimated the American Middle Class, pushing millions closer to poverty.

Tell you what, let's reset federal income tax schedules to where they were in 1984 and see if that helps.

Frank Stone said...

By the way, Mallard: It must really burn your tail feathers that so many corporations out there have also been getting away with not paying their federal income taxes either. I mean, if it pisses you off so much that all those minimum wage-earning slobs have been getting away with not paying taxes, it must piss you off infinitely more that corporations that earn billions of dollars in profits have been doing likewise.