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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

That damned Image

What's Mallard raving about today?


Day Two of "Mallard completely misunderstands simple concepts."

Otherwise knows as Tuesday.


dlauthor said...

Perhaps Tinshley now considers July 4 to be imaginary as well!

Day 6, and he still hasn't realized. Here's a theory -- does he even now now that it happened? Or did he just half-wake on the couch when the fireworks started, knock over his Jim Beam, and mutter about how the immigrants are making too much noise before blacking out again?

Should ... should we find some way to tell him?

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

Of course, this wasn't a scandal at all back when it was Bush's baby. It only becomes an object of derision when, in fact, steps are being taken to do something about the shortcomings of the bill.

Corn-based fuel. Sounds like one of Dole's [R-ArcherDanielsMidland].

Toots McGee said...

Should we be concerned that pro-business half-measures have been passed off as energy policy?


This strip is pure ignorance. Even if you don't buy into "green energy" and just want to Drill, Baby, Drill could you not see the need for regulatory oversight? If the oil company makes a mess, oh well, too bad for the poor bastards whose homes and livelihood are destroyed.

The EPA manufactures stuff to mess with job creators, right Bruce? Right-o! Now you're talking!

Anonymous said...

His imaginary, "imaginary substance" is real. Math works!
Sorry about the pun, but it is funnier than the Duck.

rewinn said...

" is funnier than the Duck.."

You're setting the bar pretty low ;-)

Rootbeer said...

This strip looks less like Ms. Jackson is appearing as a talking head composited into a TV newscast, and more like she was in her bedroom getting ready to retire for the night when an insane duck outside her window started ranting about imaginary gasoline or whatever.

See seems oddly pleasant in this exchange, but maybe she's just biding time until she has a chance to reach for her eyeglasses/a phone to call 911/a shotgun.

Anonymous said...

I'm curious. Has Tinsley ever lost track of the context of a series of "jokes" and mixed up Mallard-as-TV-newscaster with Mallard-as-splayed-crotch-TV-viewer? A good portion of his "jokes" "work" just as well in either setting.

Bill the Splut said...

"I'm Mallard Fillmore, and I'll be talking about this imaginary crap all week! AAAAllll weeeek."

Even less important and less researched than "Green Lantern is a poofter" week. Awesome. Can't wait. Non-stop thrill ride ahead.

CW in LA said...

Speaking of setting the bar low, I'd like to congratulate Brews for his unusually respectful portrayal of Ms. Jackson: He didn't make her a ball-busting feminazi harridan, or draw her cross-eyed like he usually does to indicate a bureaucrat, union member, or anyone else too defective to adhere to the correct ideology.

DiR said...

Bruce: HA! This EPA thing is GOLD! God, the EPA is dumb!
Editor: I dunno, man, this is a pretty outlandish claim. Maybe you should spend 5 minutes googling this, rather then just repeat a Fox Ne
Bruce: And my week is DONE! God, liberals are dumb!
Editor: ...Fuck it, I'm not paid enough to deal with this.

Tog said...

@Dir: Coming from Bruce Tinsley in two or three weeks: "How the Liberal Media Jewspiracy Jewspired to Let Me Make a Fool of Myself...Again!"

Steve-O said...

You owe me one keyboard sir!

Well played...

Raynfala said...

Doesn't exist, eh?

Ever hear of Google, Tinsley?

Good gravy, what a hack!