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Wednesday, August 08, 2012

That damned Count

What's Mallard raving about today?


Right on! Also, de-fund education and fire as many teachers as possible so millionaires can get a tax break!


Anonymous said...

His reprehensible views aside, I might like Mallard Fillmore slightly more if his web page didn't take so goddamn long to load. Those 10+ second load times really make my bile rise.

Rootbeer said...

With most cartoonists, I would assume that the 'L' on the shirt was intended as an upside-down '7', a side joke to demonstrate the sheer depth of American teenagers' innumeracy.

Bruce Tinsley is not like most cartoonists.

Also, best I can tell, the source for this idea that the U.S. ranks 27th in 'math', whatever is meant by that, is a polemic made by the libby-lib protagonist of Aaron Sorkin's latest show.

dlauthor said...

I'd suggest Bruce look into the attitudes of the other 26 regarding support of teachers and funding of education, but I doubt I'd be able to get the words out without laughing till I pee. Besides, I'm sure he must have found that information at around Hour 34 of his weekly research. Right?

Given that he didn't recognize that "4" on the calendar last month, it's no surprise that he completely botched that "27" in today's strip. I mean, seriously -- if the 7's supposed to be upside-down for some reason (does he think kids these days draw their own shirts while wearing them? Did the junior Tinshleys trick Dad into believing that's currently a thing?), then why is the 2 right-side-up? We're supposed to take mathematical prowess criticism from someone who can't draw a number?

Gah. The stupid will not stop burning.

Bill the Splut said...

Yeah, tell us all about how stupid Americans are, Mr Fox News watching, Moonie-funded corporate whore. Maybe tells us about how we rank in grammar, guy who thinks "?... ...[words]...." shows his brilliance. Maybe tells us about art! I mean, look at that kid. He looks like a bobblehead whose mother took Thalidomide.

"In back-to-school news..." Close enough! Everyone take a drink!

Steve-O said...

So the kid is wearing a jersey with an upside down 7 on it and that's supposed to be indicative of his intelligence level? Seems to me it's indicative of the intellegince level of the manufacturer in China.

Wv: parkho, Tinsley's backup profession.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

We still lead the world in lazy-ass cartoonists who use photocopiers to put the same art in, well, I was going to say different panels, but again: lazy-ass cartoonists.

Anonymous said...

One lie, two lies, three lies, ah ah ah ah ah!

rewinn said...

The advanced nations that score higher than us in math have strong teacher unions. Teachers care about their "product", that is to say, the kids they spend all day with.

Meanwhile, the governor of Michigan thinks the solution is to put 60 students in a class, so as to save enough money to cut business taxes more than a billion dollars. (Although to be fair, the governors "Emergency Manager" has denounced his own plan do maybe they'll increase class size only a little bit. I'm sure Mallard Fillmore will report on what THAT dos to test scores!)

Tog said...

Yes, but fictional child Li'l Rush pulled himself up by his own bootstraps because Them Asian Kids is superbetter at learnin' than anyone (especially the You Knows)! So your argument is invalid!

Tog said...

Thursday: Ah, this is what passes for "gotcha" in Tinsleyland.

Teabagger Solution (as DaveyK, Rewinn, and others have pointed out): De-fund schools, fire teachers, and increase class size.

Liberal Strawman Solution (per Tinsley): THROW NOT-MY-MUNEY AT PROBBLEM DURR HURR YAAAY

Genuine Liberal Solution: Spend the money wisely and for the purposes it was intended.

...But that's apparently too "fuzzy-minded" for Tinsley.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

The link in Thursday's takes me to a web page for USC Rossier. It says nothing about teacher salaries in the USA or elsewhere. It's just an ad for their program. Does anybody here think it said anything relevant three to six weeks ago?

Anonymous said...

Kip: but it has Asians!