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Monday, August 06, 2012

Those damned Roads

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama

I'll give Mallard credit where it's due, for completing the quote, unlike the serial liar running for President as a Republican.

Beyond that, however, whatever point he believes his is making is utterly stupid.

Yes, Mallard, taxes paid for the work the Government did building roads. That's how Government works. Do you have some sort of alternative to that you'd like to suggest?


Anonymous said...

It seems he's trying to say that roads are paid for by general taxes. But the standard Repub lie is that the gas tax is a user fee that pays all the costs of roads, while transit is a handout to the lazy unworking bums. So which is it, Tinsley? When you pay sales tax on your booze, does it support roads or only buses?

dlauthor said...

Wait, so is Tinshley saying that we all share ownership in our society and collectively are responsible for one another's successes (and by extension, failures, so we owe it to one another to care for one another via the social contract)?

... because that doesn't sound like something Tinshley would say.

He must have not gotten past the "STUPID COLORED GUY DOESN'T KNOW WHERE GUMMINT MONEY COMES FROM HUR HUR DERP FART" stage of writing this one before settling into the calm, soothing waters of his daily blackout.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

Tinsley's drinking Irish Whiskey through a straw again. You can see the straw.

Rootbeer said...

This makes sense, sort of, if you assume Tinsley believes that only business owners ever pay taxes.

Frank Stone said...

Aw, look -- Brucie thinks he's being clever again. Isn't that cute?

(Yeah, I know: It's not cute, just pathetic. But let's humor him anyway. Heaven knows he has little enough to fill his life with happiness.)

Steve-O said...

I kind of keep having this fight with a friend on facebook. He keep saying "ONLY 48% of AMERICANS PAY ANY TAXES AT ALL!". I have to keep pointing out that of that 48% half are elderly people living off Social Security and the Bush tax cuts are responsible for a keeping a large number of the rest of them from paying FEDERAL taxes. (Of course he fails to point out that they pay many, many other taxes).
So, they argue that we MUST extend the Bush tax cuts, AND WHY IN THE FUCK ARE ALL THESE PEOPLE NOT PAYING TAXES!
It's enough to make your damn head explode.

rewinn said...

Every time a modern conservative says "taxes" I'm reflexively answering, "Where's Mitt Romney's proof he paid any taxes at all?"

He's hiding something. It's quite likely some sort of settlement with the IRS over his $100 million IRA. You can't put that sort of cash into an IRA without breaking some rule or other, but the Bush Administration IRS was not exactly eager to put rich guys in jail. A settlement by which some minimal fine was paid and the terms of the deal sealed is possible.

I realize that today's "comic" is about a "scandal" that's 3 weeks old and forgotten; trust Tinshley to mindlessly repeat ineffectual talking points!

P.S. the stock market is doing great, which sort of kills the argument that Obama thinks all capitalist are evil, doesn't it?