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Thursday, August 16, 2012

That damned Rate

What's Mallard raving about today?


Don't worry, Mallard.

Conservatives are hard at work insuring that the poor no longer have a right to vote.


CW in LA said...

This looks to me like a case of unintentional truth-telling: If people see the government working and benefiting them, they'll stop listening to the propaganda saying government can't work.

And then where'll the wingnut welfare come from? Lazy boozehound hack cartoonists may even have to get a JOB. Don't you SEE the dystopian nightmare state you're on the verge of creating here, people?!?!?11?!

Anonymous said...

So "Entitlements" is the word used as a substitute for Medicare and/or Social Security when it is supposed to be something bad?
And Ryan wants to replace Medicare with vouchers for seniors to buy insurance in the open market? Part of their plan is to also eliminate the protections in the Affordable Health Care Act. Due to the denial-of-coverage "death bureaucrats" in the insurance companies, seniors would not be able to buy any insurance, due to pre-existing conditions. So the vouchers would be useless. Everyone over 67 has some medical condition that would be grounds for insurance denial, under their plan.

Frank Stone said...

Wow -- profound laziness AND projection: Not only is today's strip virtually identical to yesterday's, but Right-Wing Fantasy Obama™ expresses a dream that's the precise inverse of the conservative/Republican dream of Democrats never winning another election.

Also, abruptly switching from speaking to thinking in the middle of a sentence? Looks like someone suddenly forgot the difference between a word balloon and a thought balloon.

rewinn said...

When Tinshley "drew" this (...using "draw" ironically) he obviously hadn't yet got the GOP memo: ‘Don’t say entitlement reform’.

Silly duck! You're not supposed to attack entitlements! You're supposed to "strengthen" them by cutting them!