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Tuesday, August 07, 2012

That damned Drawing

What's Mallard raving about today?


I feel much more comfortable now that Mallard has abandoned the half-truth he started with on Monday and is simply going with the complete lie.

To re-phrase this according to what President Obama actually said: We celebrate Jacob's success with that drawing. But he did not personally build the desk, school supplies, or Infrastructure.

Only an idiot would argue that point, which explains why Mallard Fillmore is arguing the point.


dlauthor said...

There is profound, and needless to say unintentional, irony in Tinshley writing about drawing. It's like he was writing about humor, remembering July 4, or driving sober.

Rootbeer said...

The part that amazes me is that Tinsley's intepretation of Obama's statements is closer to accurate than Romney's. A LOT closer.

Frank Stone said...

Wow -- Brucie addresses the context of Obama's statement and STILL manages to get it spectacularly wrong.

I can only imagine what it's like for that to be the only type of accomplishment of which one is capable.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

It would be like denying that Romney drew a handsome salary for those years when we don't get to see his income tax.

Tog said...

You have to understand that Tinsley can't help but run every single thing Obama says through his internal N****R N****R N****R filter.

That we make fun of him for that just proves we're the racists, not him. This is good news for John McC--I mean, Mitt Romney!

Mittens 2012: Because Tax Cuts For The Already Insanely Wealthy And Eternal War Will Work If We Just Give It One More Chance. Don't Ask Questions.

Bill the Splut said...

"...And someone outsourced your mom's job and then bought your dad's company in order to close it and the unregulated sub-prime mortgage scam ruined the world economy and let a greedy bank foreclose on your house and one party is actively trying to destroy my teacher's union and turn all education over to for-profit companies that just want money not education, so see you at the homeless shelter, Jacob, and VOTE ROMNEY 2012!!!"

Andrew said...

A day late, but I had a day away from the internet yesterday-

You asked on Monday if Bruce had a way of Government wporking that DIDN'T involve taxes. I actually had a sot-of discussion (on twitter) with a die-hard Republican on that very subject.

It started when the Obama feed sent out a picture, saying "if you agree, please re-tweet (send it out to the people who follow you, for those inexperienced with twit-speak). It was a picture of the President, with a quote from him, say something like "It doesn't make sense to me for us to lower taxes n the wealthiest Americns, while raisng them for the rest" or somesuch. I noticed a comment on the photo, which said "100% DISAGREE! Obama is ruining this country"

So, I sent that guy a message, asking him if he meant that the thought we should lower taxes for the wealthiest, and raise taxes on everyone else. His reply-

"I think nobody should have to pay taxes. Obama is a socialist!"

I replied-

"A)how can we pay for national defense, roads, printing currency, etc.? B) No, no he's really not.

His reply- he blocked me- which means I cannot see anything he's tweeted, anything that mentions him, or send him a tweet. (A useful feature if someone's being abusive, true- but the coward's way out of a discussion.)

Which just shows what I've always (well, for a few month's, anyway) said- Arguing politics online is like cybersex- feels good for a while, but then you realize you're just masturbating.

Andrew said...

Just found out I mis-quoted the gentleman- don't want to pull a Tinsley!

What he actually tweeted was-
"I think taxes on ANYBODY should be illegal! Obama is a socialist!"

So- that's obviously a much more reasonable position. Glad to correct it.

DiR said...

@Andrew: Commence appreciation of irony of twitter being on the internet, derived from a DARPA project, in three, two...

See also, "I'd challenge you to a duel of wits, but I see you're unarmed..."

Marion Delgado said...

The actual analogy would be after he graduates to say "you didn't educate yourself." Which would be correct.

I understand Tinsley's a complete asshole who thinks -or thinks it would save him a little cash to pretend to think - teachers are useless bureaucrats.

Tinsley didn't even build his career - it's pure wingnut welfare.

rewinn said...

@Andrew - I appreciate the meaninglessness of "arguing" with today's "conservatives" ... basically, it is THEM having cybersex ... they enjoy wasting your time and the feeling of power they get denouncing you with cut-and-paste nonsense.

I can imagine a rational discussion on policy, but it's rare. Today's "conservatives" are of two types: (1) those who profit from it (the very wealthy, and their servants like Tinshley) and (2) the emotionally immature, who are happy to hurt their own interests so long as they're allowed to say that they are on the same team as #1.

Neo Tuxedo said...

Today's "conservatives" are of two types: (1) those who profit from it (the very wealthy, and their servants like Tinshley) and (2) the emotionally immature, who think they're on the same team as #1 and are happy to hurt their own interests so long as they have reason to believe their "enemies" are getting hurt worse.

Fixed that for you, rewinn.