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Sunday, August 12, 2012

That damned Stuff

What's Mallard raving about today?


Ladies and their stupid stuff, amirite?

In other news, Mallard Fillmore remains mystified by the fact that women can't stand the GOP.


Bill the Splut said...

There are 2 tanning places within 3 miles of my home. When the recession hit, I expected them to close. Both are still open, and one has expanded--into pole dancing classes. A friend observed that when things get bad, people will still pay for small comforts.

I manage a liquor store, and that's about as recession-proof as a business can get. I think even Bruce can understand why.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

There must be pawn shops around here somewhere, but I haven't noticed any. I've seen tanning places, but they don't have any other salons attached. I'll stick my neck out and theorize that after he passes the liquor store, everything else in the strip center starts to melt together, and the drive home's just kind of a blur.

Kaitlyn said...

oh ha fuck him.

Pedicures rock if you don't mind people touching your feet - this goes for both sexes.

and is he saying I pawn things to pay for a 20 dollar pedicure? How expensive does he think things are?

And like Kip said, I've never seen the 3 together, let alone near a pawn shop.

rewinn said...

I have 3 nieces in the hair-care industry. At worst, it's harmless fun. In reality, hair/nails/pedis are an expression of freedom and what's wrong with that?

The last time I shopped a pawnshop was for an air compressor and a safety harness for roof work. Maybe half of the pawners are the people Tinshley is attacking ... people who aren't good at managing their money and need pawns to raise quick cash between paychecks. A solution would be some sort of Grameen bank/tool cooperative/microfinance such as supports in other countries (and I recommend supporting them, friends!); or you can take the Mallard Fillmore route, and mock them.
The other half of pawn patrons are people getting rid of excess stuff (e.g. their CD collection) for a little quick cash without the hassle of a garage sale. This is economically rational and Adam Smith would approve.

Finally, let me know that today's "comic" is just a couple of drawings of a duck head and some lettering. No middle school art class would grade this above a "C".


P.S. it occurs to me that today's script suggests there's financial problems with the Tinshley estate: "Whah! look at these bills! Can't you cut your own hair in a mirror!" Let us have compassion for the unfortunate.

rewinn said...

P.S. Paul "Death To Medicare" Ryan? LOL!

DiR said...

Spend your money on important things, like alcohol and court-imposed fines for alcohol-related incidents.

Anonymous said...

If Tinsley's boss took this advice, Tinsley would be out of a job.

Frank Stone said...

It's not pawn shops that are popping up in all those strip malls, it's payday lenders -- a.k.a. legalized loan sharks. How about doing a hard-hitting investigative piece on them, Mallard? (Of course, that would require more effort than just mocking their customers for being too stupid to realize that they're being ripped off, which would make it too much like work for your taste. Never mind.)

CW in LA said...

A break, not a lecture. Unless you like stuff Brews doesn't.

In other news, looks like Anonyrushfellator hacked into the WV: pedryst 88.

Rootbeer said...

Mallard Fillmore wants small business owners to fail.

dlauthor said...

Bruce, we've seen your hair in the mugshot. We know you don't value grooming in any way. I just feel slightly worse than before for your wife and kids, which I never think is possible until look it happened again.