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Sunday, September 02, 2012

That damned Invention

What's Mallard raving about today?

Big Government, President Obama

The Big Lie continues...and yet the GOP still can't find anyone or anything which doesn't demolish this Lie and prove that President Obama was 100% correct...including a Vice Presidential candidate who built himself using Social Security (a program he wants to gut for everyone else) to pay for his out-of-state college tuition.


Andrew said...

Best part of this nonsensical panel? The "INFRASTRUCTURE"sign on a pile of rocks. So, Tinsley's saying that all the roads, the sewers, the dams, etc. that the government built are pretty much as useful as a box of rocks?

I have a better use for the "box of rocks" simile.

Verification- "UDRODOO" Oh, Brucie, do do that doo-doo that udrodoo so well.

Tog said...

Tinsley's surely aware (if he's aware of anything) that a lot of ignorant morons still believe that Al Gore claims to have created the Internet, that Obama was born in Kenya as part of some conspiracy, and that ACORN is actively engaged in white slavery/voter fraud/whatever, so he's only too happy to do his little part to prop up the GOP's most current Big Lie among those fools.

Tinsley loves lying. Almost as much as he loves repeating himself.

Meanwhile, Garry Trudeau put this beauty out Saturday, showing what a REAL satirist and cartoonist can accomplish, compared to a pathetic hack like Tinsley.

rewinn said...

Meanwhile Paul Ryan claims he runs marathons in under three hours, which would make him one of the elite runners of our age.

Which is a lie.

In honor of all the GOP noise about Gore and the internet and Kerry and his warfighting, I present Paul Ryan's First TV Appearancde

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

Tin thinks he might get mileage outside the echo chamber with this stone-age falsehood. He never was the sharpest rock in the glacier.

rewinn, I was expecting to see Joe "Trust Meeee" Isuzu there!

DiR said...

Today's strips is fascinating.
No, really! It is.
See, here's the thing. Blahblahblah "Early XXX, Where XXX is representative of "something I don't like"-format. That's nothing new.
Retread of the 'You didn't build that' distortion. That
s nothing new.
But then he adds the sign.
Hold the phone.
See, I think that Bruce is so deep into his own subconscious bullshit, that there's a tiny part of his brain screaming for him to escape the dream.
Toady that he is, Bruce knows he must must must carry the talking point, like a good pawn. But this one is so flagrantly untrue, that his mind added a little flag of reality in there, to keep from losing all grasp of sanity.

We're through the looking glass, people.

Bill the Splut said...

"Sorry, but I can't come to work today. My car can't drive on the highway that's a pile of rocks.
"Also, I have to build a municipal sewer system. Toilet doesn't flush when it's a pile of rocks.
"Then I have to buy a business and fire everybody in it for my own profit, because THAT'S BUILDING IT!"

Frank Stone said...

Since the pile of rocks is labeled "infrastructure" and the wheel is made from rock, he seems to be conveying the idea that the wheel was built thanks to existing infrastructure, which means that the caveman didn't build the wheel on his own. So... didn't he just kind of defeat his own GOP-approved talking point?

dlauthor said...


Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

He fails Ernie Bushmiller 101. Three rocks, Tinsley!