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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Those damned syllables

What's Mallard raving about today?


Wait, aren't Liberals the monstrous multi-syllabic elitists of American society?


Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

Gosh, what's Tinsley's opinion of the average TV viewer/voter?

Frances Amthor: I think you're a very stupid person. You look stupid, you're in a stupid business, and you're on a stupid case.

Philip Marlowe: I get it. I'm stupid.

C'mon, Tin Eye, spell it out. We're Stupid.

Frank Stone said...


So... you're not watching Fox News then, Mallard?

CW in LA said...

Who was it who said on this board a couple of weeks ago that Brews hates the uneducated, the educated, and educators? Sums things up.

Besides, I'd have thought he liked polysyllabic words like 'refudiate'.

Bill the Splut said...

Bruce hates everything, especially working for a living. Good thing he's got that beat.

Andrew said...

for someone who spends so much time reprinting--oops, sorry- DRAWING a picture of a duck in front of a TV, Bruce sure has a low opinion of it, and the people who watch it, don't he?

Verification- Viggit 6- Probably one of them damn British science fiction shows Bruce doesn't understand.

Andrew said...

Oh, and incidentally- this concludes the week of cartoons Bruce drew during/after the DNC- two days of Clinton jokes, one Obama tax joke, an unemployment joke, a "liberals" joke, and a TV joke (I am using "joke in the broadest possible sense here, of course). Great work on the whole "lightning rod for controversy" thing there, Tinsley!

rewinn said...

Why is Tinshley worried? He's part of the "We will never have the smart people on our side" crowd.