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Thursday, September 13, 2012

That damned Sneaker

What's Mallard raving about today?


I guess that Mallard is trying to make some point about gun control or maybe about the New York soda size thing. The racist overtones are pretty staggering, however.


Kip W [Muffaroo] said...
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Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

He's wetting himself in glee over the funny, funny thought of somebody being killed with something other than a gun.

Ho ho! Somebody killed somebody with a chair — cue the 270 jokes about chair control! Hee hee! Somebody got killed with an ash tray! It's time to laugh about ash tray control! Yuk yuk! Another dozen people killed with a gun!

Hey, this is no time to politicize a completely unforeseeable tragedy by a lone nut whose addiction to rightwing propaganda had nothing to do with anything, anywhere, ever!

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rewinn said...

If sneakers were designed for the express purpose of killing people, then sneaker control would make sense.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

Yeah, that was one of the things I said in a letter to the editor on the topic back in the 90s after the usual smirking responses (it was "chair control" that time). I got an anonymous letter as a result.