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Thursday, November 08, 2012

That damned Alternative

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama

Mallard resurrects yet another lie.


Anonymous said...

You'd want to apologize too, if you were the leader of the nation that close to electing the dunderhead commonly known as Romney.

D Johnston said...

I wouldn't draw attention to the fact that this strip has a lead time, Tins.

CW in LA said...

So, three weeks of this shit until Brews' epic meltdown over seeing that America in fact likes its black president?

Tinsh should go on an apology tour, begging forgiveness of every single person who's sweated finding a job while he got paid for this lazy dreck.

Randy Winn said...

Not shown: an alternative universe in which today's "conservatives" decide they love America more than they hate Obama.

Bill the Splut said...

Nice. His "That One Thing Biden Said Four Years Ago" obsession has been replaced with "That Thing Obama Never Remotely Said."

DiR said...

Awww, man! BURN! You've been SERVED, Obama!
Man, I'm totally pumped to see tomorrow's comic, where he totally rips into a Romney-election turnout!

Anonymous said...

CW in La...You have finally said something which is true. The liberals or as you say America likes its black president.

It's because he is black is the reason he was elected the first time and also the second time.

As a president he sucks and has been a complete failure.

DiR said...

Ask bin laden how much of a failure Obama's been.
Or Congress Republicans, now that their "hold a 6-year old tantrum and refuse to pass anything" plan failed.
Mmmmm, your impotent rage tastes like strawberries/

CW in LA said...

Oh, look, Anonymelonfucker is STILL clinking to the fantasy that 61 million of us only voted to stick with the president because he's black.

I wonder if it even once crossed Melonfuck's (and Brewski's) dim little mind that we've had plenty of time to see that such vicious, stupid, and crazy people as themselves aren't to be trusted with any sort of power. I'm guessing not; Dunning-Kruger* and all that.

*Google it, ya dumbfuck.

David in NYC said...

@Anonymouse --

Let me provide one simple reason Obama won (actually, there were many, but I doubt your brain can hold more than one thought at a time):

Osama bin Ladens Killed
Barack Obama 1
All Rethugs 0

Scoreboard, bitch.

Randy Winn said...

If I cared, I would wonder by an anonymous coward would even bother posting his race hate on a blog. It's not like it actually accomplishes anything, except amuse those of us with the ballz to actually identify ourselves. We, who are not cowards, share a laugh and sometimes information, and stand behind our words proudly.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

It's not because Obama's black. It's because when there's a Democrat in the White House, the balance sheet tends to be more in the black. Those "Red" guys seem bent on putting us in the red. (See also: Job statistics.)