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Saturday, November 03, 2012

That damned Duty

What's Mallard raving about today?

Democracy, Voters

Shorter Mallard Fillmore: I hate Democracy because people who don't agree with me get to vote.


Tog said...

But just like liberals are the REAL racists in Tinsley's mind, liberals are the real fascists, too! Just like Jonah Goldberg says!!

This is yet another strip in which Tinsley assumed everyone will interpret his ignorant-goober strawman as a lefty and forgot to give him the ol' ponytail, glasses, latte, beret, breasts and/or dark skin--unintentionally making a more truthful strip as I've never known a liberal to EVER dress like Fred MacMurray in My Three Sons. Not even back in the day.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

Borderline droll. Why spoil the moment? I call it a triumph for Tinsley.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

I also love the fact that there's no ticky box for "slight smile." Never noticed it before because I never needed it, and might never again.

I don't think it's what he goes for, anyway. That Fred Basset crap won't get you on Red America's fridges!

DiR said...

Cause uninformed morons would never vote for YOUR guy, right Bruce?

Anonymous said...

Uninformed? No.

Misinformed? That describes pretty much all of Romney's voters outside the 1%.

Frank Stone said...

Hopelessly ignorant; believes what TV ads tell him; thinks it's his civic duty to cancel out others' votes.

So... this guy is a Republican?

CW in LA said...

Let's posit a voter who gets all his information from a cartoon duck lazily drawn by an alcoholic hack, and who votes accordingly. What are the odds Brews would find this objectionable?

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

And very soon, the whole country's going to get the leader half of it deserves.

Randy Winn said...

People who rely on TV commercials to make their decisions are, hopefully, a dying breed. The young people I know, and even some of us old farts, habitually fact-check - for example, Romney's blatant lie about Jeep.
This may not be enough to overcome the Bretz Flood of Soviet-style disinformatzia from commercial entities who would profit from a Romney presidency, but it's a hopeful trend.