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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Veteran's Day

Today is one of those days where I just leave things go, especially when Mallard makes the choice not to declare partisan ownership of a holiday, veterans, or patriotism.


Bill the Splut said...

Yeah, yeah, Support the Troops with a car magnet. Fuck 'em when they come back and want their welfare queen benefits. "Support the Cannon Fodder for Halliburton" is what he means. He doesn't care if they live or die or come back maimed, so long as once or twice a year he can pretend to care about them.

It's especially hypocritical coming after a week of "NIGHTMARE IF OBAMMER WINS BY FREE PEOPLE VOTING." Fuck you, worthless hack.

Read today's Doonesbury for a compare & contrast. Which strip treats veterans with compassion and empathy, and which just waves its little Chinese-made plastic flag of "Thanks for the sacrifice that, thank God, a pro-war piece of shit like me will never have to make"?

Anonymous said...

Support the troops by continuing a war until a cute date.

DiR said...

Would you prefer a disillusioned date? How about a sardonic date? What if the date was coy and playful, but put off by the concept of commitment, and would keep changing the subject when it would come up?

As we all know REAL MEN and TRUE WARRIORS would NEVER set a fixed point to end a glorious war!
ooooooooooh. Right. That.

Anyways. I'd be more inclined to respect the day for MF if the strip didn't ring so hollow. Never mind that the largest threat to the existence of American democratic freedom comes not from the threat to our sovereignty, but institutional disenfranchisement, vote suppression, and misinformation. Not a whole lot of military action involved in women's suffrage.

Anonymous said...

I'd prefer a date as early as possible. When you decide to end a war, end the fuckin' thing. Don't say 'guys, keep killing each other because we want this 11th hour symbolism'.

Anonymous said...

I viewed Mallard Fillmore today which I do every day and have for many years (not at this site) and thought...not even the liberals at 'Duck and Cover' can find anything wrong with this strip.

But, I should have known I would be wrong. 'Bill the Splut' had to show everyone what a total asshole he is. No doubt his fellow D & C follower's agree with him.

I have to wonder if he was ever in the military and served his country or does he simply exist to piss and moan about life because he is a loser.

Perhaps this is why he voted for Obama so he can get all the free things he believes Obama will provide for him.

He obviously was not around during the Vietnam War. The Democratic president continued to send troops to Vietnam with no intention of winning it.

Almost 60,000 American troops lost their lives. Back than we did not have a choice because of the draft.

So...why can't he take at least one day to pay tribute to the Veterans of the wars? Because he is much like Obama, who has no respect for our veterans or troops either.

Tog said...

I don't know about Bill, but I've served in the military of my own free will. (If he could be bothered to research, Anon might be surprised to find out how many liberals have served...and how many of his Republican idols are sniveling Yellow Elephant chickenhawks. No, better to remain ignorant.)

I voted for Obama, not because YAY FREE STUFFZ, but because I want my country to survive the next four years.

And Bill's absolutely right about today's Mallard Fillmore. Here's a quote from another commenter at

Garry Trudeau writes about the hardships that veterans continue to face long after their service is done; Bruce Tinsley draws his duck a couple more times, tosses off his boilerplate empty platitude, and wraps it in the flag. That speaks volumes.

So...which one really gives a f*** about the vets, Anon?

I know Anon and Bruce think waving the flag and grunting "LOOK AT ME AH SUPPORT TEH TROOPZ!!1" is an automatic free Avoid Criticism Because America card, but hey, it's not the first time Republicans were monumentally wrong about something.

DiR said...

You DO know that Vietnam lasted for more then one administration. Right?

The military is made up of millions of people, who all have different views and opinions. They are no all lock-step Republicans, and many would be offended at your claim off them.

But since you bring it up, I'll submit my own anecdote. My father, who was drafted during Vietnam, is disgusted with the current state of affairs in he Republican party.

Suck on that, water carrier.

CW in LA said...

Say, Melonfuck, why don't you tell us of your own armed forces career? Or are you just a chickenhawk blowhard wrapping yourself in the flag, too?

Also, please post your tax returns from age 18 so we can see that your own life has been entirely unpolluted by the "free stuff" you so disparage.

Otherwise, of course, we'll have to assume you're just full of shit, as usual.

Rootbeer said...

I'll give Tinsley the benefit of the doubt and take his message of gratitude as genuine. Thank you, everyone who has served in the armed forces.

"Anonymous (Troll)", on the other hand, can go jump in a lake of fuck.

Randy Winn said...

Some people honor veterans on Veterans Day because it's easier than actually doing something honorable about what they need and deserve.

A more honorable alternative would be to criticize:
* Blocking the Veterans Jobs Corps Act
* Cutting the cost of living ajustment for disabled veterans (part of the Romney/Ryan budget plan that will never see light)
* Launching two unnecessary land wars in Asia, fought to enrich contractors
* Leaving bin Ladn alive for a decade so he could frighten Americans into sticking with a war economy
* Systematically underfunding the VA
* Opposing an expansion of the GI Bill
... I could go on and on. Give me a number, I can find that many examples of where today's "conservatives" have proven that they "love veterans" the same way that shepherds "love" shepherd's pie.

Bruce Tinshley is merely pretending to give a d@mn, but Anonymous Coward is lying when he says Obama doesn't care about veterans. Who cares? Today's "conservatives" have so thoroughly established themselves as liars that even their traditional constituency among the lower ranks of our military is noticing.

And for those who have an hour to spare: PLI is offering a free hourlong webcast on new developments in Veterans Benefits Law: Women Veterans; and Don't Ask, Don't Tell, One Year Later aimed at legal professionals, but no doubt of interest to those who really care.

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

I voted for the party that didn't keep cutting veterans' benefits, myself. Because I hate freedom.

Anonymous said...

I suppose it's nice to see everyone getting on the "Bless the veterans" bandwagon, but really, in truth, who are our troops protecting us from these days? What foreign enemy is plotting to strip us of voting booths? How does killing Afghans, Iraqis, or Pakistanis "keep us free?"

Tog said...

Like any business, your beef should be with the management of the military-industrial complex, not their front-line employees.

And yes, Obama is Commander-In-Chief. Just bear in mind, that's always been a pretty laughable title (dance, Dubya, dance!), and in reality the CiC has to negotiate and/or play along with non-public men whose solution to everything is to shoot/bomb it, in an atmosphere of paranoia and racial hatred fueled daily by...well, we all know the rest.