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Friday, November 23, 2012

Those damned Spectators

What's Mallard raving about today?

Black Friday

A break, not a lecture...


Andrew said...

Okay- actually mildly amusing.

Of course, next week, time catches up with Mallard, and he has to deal with the "loss of traditional America" (and trust me, that's the talking point he'll be going with- ignoring the fact that "Ward and June's America" wasn't exactly a conservative's paradise, what with the top tax rate of 91% and all.)

DiR said...

Ahhh, another entry in his "I hate capitalism' series. Magnificent.

Perhaps would be better if government would, how you say, restrict such wasteful acts, yes comrade?

Randy Winn said...

Not overtly hateful or false, and featuring a drawing not seen before: today's comic may be the best "Mallard Fillmore" all year!

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

That's Mallard's public, there.