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Monday, November 05, 2012

That damned Embarassment

What's Mallard raving about today?

President Obama

Mallard, should President Obama win tomorrow, I think your only option is to pack up and go to a country that represents your ideal Randian/Theocratic society as a protest. Nothing else will be ideologically pure enough.


Anonymous said...

What the President had meant was that it is strange that supposedly "religious" people are OK with someone walking into a classroom or theater and killing a large number of people with automatic weapons (the type that have no use in hunting, at least for true sportsmen). Ryan and NRA don't get this. I've lost friends in one of these episodes.

PS: Tinsley and the TP would fit in well in Somalia, with few taxes and plenty of guns. Move there. None of the "infrastructure" that you hate so much is there either.

Frank Stone said...

What's "so embarrassing" is that Republicans in Pennsylvania have been reduced to the level of Bruce Tinsley, trying to rile up their ignorant, racist base by digging up something Obama said four years ago and parading it around as though it ever mattered.

MissD said...

Brilliant idea! Move all the TPs to Somalia, never to be heard from again!
After weeks of, "Too close to call" it is starting to seem that now most news sources are predicting an Obama victory. Everyone please vote tomorrow. Remember -
"Give a shit, don't vote for Mitt!"

D Johnston said...

It's already sad that people like Tinsley insist on dredging up crap from four years ago (which in political timescale is a bit like bashing someone's great^10 grandfather). What makes it better is that it can be empirically shown that that line didn't hurt Obama even back then.

So yeah, keep up the good work, Pennsylvania Repubs.

CW in LA said...

Say, is this Brews' ultra-dickish way of admitting that the bitter people clinging to guns and religion here have the same mindset as the Muslim extremists about whom he so cheerfully fear-mongers?

Or is he just being ultra-dickish for its own sake?

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

57! 57!! 57!!!!

Rootbeer said...

Whatever point he was trying to make, I think he proved the opposite.

Randy Winn said...

As usual, today's "comic" is badly drawn, but edited worse.
The punchline would have worked better (it would still be a lie but at least crisper) if the whole clause about "antithapy" had been omitted; it doesn't really add anything but multiply useless words.

There are very few actual conservative comedians because comedy depends on a deep knowledge of human nature, and if you have that, you naturally turn liberal. The few conservative comedians that there are live entirely on the genre of cruelty and insults, which is pretty much Mallard Fillmore's fare.

Anyone with a basic knowledge of human nature would understand that Obama has ALREADY LOST the "Obama is a Muslim" vote, so Mallard Fillmore's sad attempt to stir them up is pointless. Why not extol the virtues of vulture capitalism Mitt Romney instead?