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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

That damned Model

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Geek Squad, High School Girlfriends

My high school girlfriend shipped herself places and enabled online tracking?


Frank Stone said...

So... Mallard was just sitting in front of his laptop waiting for updates for 6+ days after being informed that his Geek Squad® repair was complete and ready for pickup?

Wow -- it's a good thing Mallard is smarter than everyone else, or he'd really look like a world-class dumbass right about now. Oh, wait...

Also: Hey, five whole panels, and each one filled with something.* That must be the most physical effort Bruce has devoted to a strip since -- well, it's been so long, I'm genuinely at a loss. Anyone have an idea?

*Insert your own joke here.

Rootbeer said...

Homer: Here are your messages:
"You have 30 minutes to move your car", "You have 10 minutes", "Your car has been impounded", "Your car has been crushed into a cube", "You have 30 minutes to move your cube".
[phone ringing]
Homer: [answers] Yello, Mr. Burns' office.
Burns: Is it about my cube?

Bill the Splut said...

Man, that's a lot of verbiage for a joke that doesn't work. "It's like a teenager texting/tweeting/on Facebook" wouldn't make it funny, but it'd at least make some kind of sense. "That girlfriend everyone had in high school," WTF? I was in high school 30 years ago, and I don't remember anybody sending constant status updates, and how would we? I'd also add "But what if you were the girlfriend?" but that assumes women read this crap for non-ironic reasons. Oh, wait, that assumes ANYBODY reads this crap for non-ironic reasons.

Randy Winn said...

If your "highschool girlfriend" doesn't talk to you for two weeks, chances are you don't HAVE a "highschool girlfriend"; you have a sad fantasy.

Bill the Splut said...

Bruce: "My hawt liberal wife...lives in CANADA! And she never comes into town because her father owns Nintendo!"

Kip W [Muffaroo] said...

A gentleman's "E" for Tinsley.