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Saturday, August 09, 2008

That damned assembly

What's Mallard raving about today?

Gun Laws.

Mallard, comics are not supposed to be a purely textual medium. Cutting and pasting your main character's head three times does not count as a visual element.

If you want to write Op-Eds, then get a gig in which you are paid to write an Op-Ed.

Are we clear?


Kaitlyn said...

But he can't draw either!

EddyPo said...

So is Mallard suggesting you wear your gun on your hip and blast away at anyone you don't know? (How do you know they won't be "violent"?) Or leave it loaded on an end table? What is he telling us? Stop criticizing and give us workable answers.

BTW, my best friend was killed while he and another friend were playing with his Dad's gun. He was in 5th grade. What would Tinz suggest. "His dad should have kept it locked...I mean...urm....glub."

Eff you booze hound!

Kaitlyn said...

I thought it should only be locked if you're carrying it around town...

My sister calls me paranoid for locking the front door. Mallard wins the paranoid award - perhaps he's now a pothead?

exanonymous said...

Um, if you don't have enough time to open the lock and load the gun, you're probably already dead regardless of whether you had to lock the gun or not, unless you're one of those rare people who can sleep so lightly that the second someone blazes into your room with a gun pointed at you, you are immediately 1) rolling out of the line of fire 2)hands on the gun and 3) perfectly aimed.

I saw someone pointed out on another site that it's a stupid rule for stupid people. That's true. Real gun owners who take their weapons seriously, who have practiced with and take care of their weapons, will usually not keep a fully loaded handgun on top of the bedstand 24/7.

There's an irony here. Mallard is completely against ignorant people voting, but he's very gung-ho about them owning ready-to-fire arms. I'm seeing a rather Darwinish trend there.

Robert said...

When Jon Stewart parodied Mallard with the now-infamous "Ooops, I forgot to tell a joke!" punchline a few years back, this is exactly what was being lampooned.

rewinn said...

A competent cartoonist could've had a lot of fun drawing a hapless duck trying to unlock and load his trusy magnum whilst the (doubtless masked) intruder had his way with the duck's prize collection of neckties.

Or maybe just a cartoonist that cares!