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Saturday, August 16, 2008

That damned flop

What's Mallard raving about today?

Barack Obama, Racism, Flip-Flopping.

Awfully considerate of Mallard to clarify what he meant yesterday by telling us that what's eating away at him is that when he makes racist comments about Barack Obama, he gets called a racist.

Google shows about 1,760,000 hits for the keywords "Obama flip-flop." So, the idea that this topic is somehow taboo is insupportable by anyone with a cerebral cortex. Hell, I'd venture to say that amoeba can see through this claim.

The fact that calling Obama a flip-flopper is not having the same effect as it did against John Kerry in 2004 does not mean that the tactic is racist. It means it is no longer effective when people compare that charge to the litany of disaster which 8 years of Republican governance has caused.


factinista said...

"If you try to point out that I'm a thinly-veiled Jewish stereotype, that means you're a racist!"

exanonymous said...

I couldn't read that.
My mind plunged headlong into the mess of commas and ellipses and text and read:
"But of course are now flipflopper."

Someone set us up the bomb.

GeoX said...

"Here's a silly thing that made-up liberals are offended by! Isn't it silly how liberals are offended by something so silly?"

Is that about it? The circuity makes my brain hurt.

DonkleDuck said...

Gahhh! It looks like Jewey McBignosenstein (which is NOT intended to be a racist caricature in any way shape or form, nosireebob!) looks like his head is slolwy being eaten by his shirt. At least I assume it's a shirt. Maybe it's some liberal-eating thing from outer space. Which would be slightly imaginative, so it can't be that. Chalk it up to Tinsley's piss-poor drawing skills.

Is it racist for me to say that?

ajm said...

Flip Wilson doesn't deserve to be dragged into your strip, Bruce. He was actually funny.

Kaitlyn said...

I felt nauseated before I read this.

Now I have a headache. This is gibberish.

Since flip-flops aren't named for Flip Wilson (what the hell?), this is Noseworthy's way of showing how liberals find racism in everything.

Oh ex that string of words - it's a comic! A mostly VISUAL medium. If he's going to have so much text, it should at least be legible.

Robert said...

The word "Seventies" is in quotes, as if scientists are still debating their existence.

Of course, that makes about as much sense as debating the existence of global warming.