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Friday, August 08, 2008

That damned ruling

What's Mallard raving about today?

Gun Laws, Criminals, Unions.

The Supreme Court strikes down the gun ban Mallard was raving about, but Mallard keeps on bleating. Proving that under no circumstances will he not complain about something.

On the plus side, it appears that, somewhere between March and today, the Anonymous Activist Criminal managed to form that Union he was calling for when we last saw him. He seems to have bulked up quite a bit also.


Kaitlyn said...

Speaking of failing grades, source?

Anyone not scared of guns is an idiot - and I learned that from my conservative, limbaugh-listenin' cop daddy at an early age.

GeoX said...

He's absolutely OBSESSED with this idea of brave citizens blasting the shit out of Evildoers, isn't he? How often does he imagine this actually HAPPENS? As opposed to inexperienced people drawing guns and being quickly disarmed and badly hurt or killed? Or losing their shit in a dark alley and killing some random guy they only THOUGHT was a mugger? Has Tinsley ever saved himself from a mugger in such a manner? Has anyone he knows? Has anyone YOU know? Pretty unlikely! But hey, he read this article* about this one time where it happened, so that proves what must be proved. Case closed.

I REALLY don't want to live in Tinsley's world.

*source: the internet

MToje said...

While this is related to yesterday's comic and not today's, Pakistan's ruling coalition announced that it will seek the impeachment of Pres. Musharraf. So there you go: a third world, "basket case" country that had its prime ministerial candidate assassinated for being a progressive woman (!) has got its democratic house in better order than our own shining beacon. Sickening. I mean, I applaud Pakistan for working past its problems to secure a democratic government, but really, the US doesn't nearly have the problems they do and yet we're lagging behind them in terms of effective and representative government?

Source: TimesOnline 08-08-2008
See, it's not that hard, Tinsley.

exanonymous said...

I have a family member who has lived in DC for years, and has never been violently assaulted or robbed.

She doesn't own a gun. She owns common sense. She knows a gun won't help in most circumstances, so she avoids the situation rather than rely on false security.

Any good self-defense teacher will tell you that ultimately, any weapon you bring into a fight can be used against you. What you really want to do is avoid the fight.

urvnif said...

Note the colour of the criminal's skin.

Bryce Baker said...

Hell yeah, the D.C. Violent Criminal Loyalists are my favorite east coast team!

Michael said...

Lex Luthor!

Remember that there's a separate inker who does the colors, urvnif, so be careful not to give Tinz credit where it isn't due.

EddyPo said...

Unrelated question:

When did that whole Obamma tire gauge flap start? I can't wait to hear what dumb-duck has to say about that after the two week lag.

David said...

Of course our friendly neighborhood criminal can live with it. He can defeat the lock or reassemble the gun faster than our law-abiding home owner can wake up anyway.