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Monday, August 11, 2008

That damned polling data

What's Mallard raving about today?

Barack Obama, Europe.

Whereas John McCain would win if the election were held in a German Restaurant.

But what's really amazing is the implicit attitude that being popular in Europe is a bad thing. Having Allies in the World is a bad thing.

"It's like these guys take pride in being ignorant."


factinista said...

First of all, Obama is leading in the polls in the U.S. too.

Secondly, despite Europeans not getting to vote, they absolutely have a stake in the outcome of this election. They don't call the President the leader of the free world for nothing, after all.

GeoX said...

Ha ha! Stoopid furriners like Obama! How like totally lame-o!

rewinn said...

Notice how Tinsley "cleverly" avoided having to draw hands.

Hands are hard.

It wouldn've been funny if he'd drawn Obama doing that "v-for-victory" thing, but of course Nixon sorta ruined it for Tinsley's ilk.

Dave Robidenza said...

So... a presidential candidate who is popular all around the world is a bad thing? Like factinista said, the president truly is a world leader and it just seems common sense that his/her international popularity would help him do his/her job rather than hinder him/her.

Now, I'm not saying that Obama's charisma is the sole reason to elect him, but the president is a symbol as much as s/he is a decision-maker and candidates do run as much on their personalities as they do their positions. Compare and contrast Obama with Reagan and Schwarzenegger, two freaking actors with no previous political experience who were elected to the highest office in the most populous state based mostly on their personalities and with really no evidence of their executive capability. When Reagan gave his Berlin Wall speech, I'm sure Bruce wet his pants; when it comes to Obama, suddenly international popularity means that he'll fold in every discussion and sell our national pride to the Swiss.

Robert said...

I'm reminded of the email that went around after the 2004 election that showed a map of the world in which the only 'red states' were flyover country and Saudi Arabia.

David B said...

Someone else has already alluded to it, but the problem for Tinsley is that the assertion would still be correct if the final word were replaced by "the U.S."

Michael said...

While watching the USA underdogs beat the smack talking French swim team this weekend, my girlfriend and I got pumped up and were yelling things at the TV like, "Ha! Damn French! Stick THAT in your glass of wine!" I couldn't help but feel a pang of regret afterward, thanks for morons like Tinsley who say things like that and actually mean it.

I can't wait until John Edwards gets the Mallard treatment in two weeks. I wonder how he'll manage to associate the scandal with Obama or the Democratic party.

Bryce Baker said...

just more proof he's the anti-christ duh!

Frankie Machine said...

One of these days, Tinsley is going to drink just one shot of Jaeger too many before sidling up to his drawing table, and draw the following "cartoon":

A word balloon:
"Ah, who am I kidding? I really do hate black people."
Then, in the next panel:
Mallard's head.

Anyone want to take that bet?

Neo Tuxedo said...


I've got a hundred quatloos that say he's already drawn that strip, or one hella like it, several times. I will, however, bet you that, one of these first days, his vestigial editor will let such a strip make it to actual comics pages.