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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

That damned Hillary

What's Mallard raving about today?

Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton.

Hillary is the least of his worries, seeing as how Barack Obama is about to have his skull ripped off by a disembodied alien claw.


Scanman said...

Okay, I don't get this joke. I saw it in black and white and in color. What's the joke?

Oh. I forgot to put my brain on Tinsley....

Right, what appears to be Obama's right hand is in fact Hillary's!! And she's doing the ol' "rabbit ears" behind his back! ho ho.

Ahhhhh, That's brilliant. I guess Tinsley can only do one bad caricature at a time. I just wish he was able to differenciate between their hands.

Tinsley get yourself an artist who who can actually draw. and maybe instead of your cartoons being lame and confusing, it'll just be lame.

EddyPo said...

I get it now. I thought it was a 'V' sign for victory.

Kaitlyn said...

I didn't even notice the extra arm, especially since it looks exactly like Barack's in the color version.

Couldn't Tinz have made a note or something? Or drawn a girly bracelet on Hillary's arm?

This is pretty damn tame, and doesn't require Mallard to be at the convention. He's been drawing Obama talking without such a setup.

Kaitlyn said...

Don't you curve your fingers down to make rabbit ears?

I don't like like this, but it is one of his best in a long time. It's not offensive in anyway, it's pretty tame for him, and the coloring's not his fault.

rewinn said...

Is this the work of a pseudo-Tinsley?

* The writing is lame; in particular, the humor rhythm is thrown off by the failure of parallelism in the 2nd clause of the 1st balloon.
* The drawing torpedoes the joke; the "bunny ears" fingers look like Obama's flashing a "V-for-victory" behind his ear.

* The joke is a little bit funny, and not really hateful.
* Most of the ellipses have THREE dots, instead of four.

factinista said...

I didn't know Obama had claws.

Michael said...

Black jacket with blue sleeve is back!

That hand pose in front is Tinsley's favorite to draw. It makes it look like Obama is singing an opera.

Kaitlyn said...

Hey - the arm behind Obama is in a black sleeve, making him a contortionist.

Also, he couldn't have drawn both of Obama's arms so it would be crystal clear that the one behind him was Hillary's.

Why didn't he label the arm? He labels everything else.

I just got another part of the joke! He says Hillary is behind him, as in she supports him, while she's physically behind him and mocking him. Or channeling Nixon.

So when Tinz isn't being offensive or incredibly stupid, the terrible, terrible artwork is still there.

Doonesbury is doing basically the same thing - saying Hillary won't support Obama at the convention.

So if the comic Mallard is there to "balance" is doing the same thing, only worse, in every possible way.

Robert said...

Forget being a secret Muslim: Barack Obama is actually Bennie from Total Recall.

GeoX said...

Man, Tinsley isn't much of an artist on his best days, but this takes ineptitude to a new level. Even if it were a good joke, it wouldn't matter, since the reader would still just be distracted by the horrible staging.

MartyRotten said...


Yes, Doonebury's doing the same thing. But the difference is that Doonesbury's commentary is thoughtful and funny. The reason being is that Garry Trudeau has one thing that Bruce Tinsley doesn't: Talent!!!