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Sunday, August 31, 2008

That damned memory

What's Mallard raving about today?

Geometry, Memory.

Proving only that you have a crappy memory, Mallard.


factinista said...

I'd imagine his answer to that question would be something involving math being a brainwashing tool of the liberal conspiracy.

exanonymous said...

That never happened in my typical american high school, and I never heard of such a dumb question being asked to anyone else.

When you have to stretch for something, and it isn't common or likely to happen, than you aren't relating to your audience. You're lying to them.

David B said...

I had a math teacher who would throw questions like that in at the end of tests, but it was pretty clear that they were attempts (often pretty good attempts) to lighten the mood. Given that math is a stress-inducing subject for a lot of people, lightening the mood is a good thing, i'd say.

But asking questions like that for credit? No, Tinsley's just making stuff up, i fear.

Anonymous said... it just me, or does "young" Mallard look exactly the same as "present" Mallard? Oh Tinny, it's alright; getting held back several years happens to LOTS of people.

Robert said...

I'd be interested in learning how Mallard feels when someone jams an isoscles triangle into his tail feathers.

Gold-Digging Nanny said...

I feel 138 degrees.

Too synesthetic for you? I don't know. That graduation cap smells awfully blue. They usually smell black to me.

I've also got a strange taste in my mouth. Kind of a stupid taste. Yes, definitely stupid. I think it was the punchline.

GeoX said...

Er...what happened to Tinsley's "when I was young I had GREAT teachers who REALLY TAUGHT, but kids today with their librul touchy-feely blahdy blah blah?" Seriously: that's always been one of his main obsessions, and now he wholly contradicts himself? This is just incoherent.

Kaitlyn said...

You're right, GeoX. This would work better with Rush.

The question "how does that make you feel?" can have value. It has been part of questions meant for short essays - the museum, a movie, a short story. You examine yourself and the work at the same time.

How does this comic make me feel? Like he's an old idiot. Every time somebody bitches about today's kids and how we grew up, it reads like it's blaming us for letting our parents raise us that way.

exanonymous said...

Tinsley didn't have a great education. He had a hippie teacher in Kentucky that he resents to this day.

As evidenced by the comic. However, his experience is by no means the norm.

rewinn said...

Once again, Tinsley tells us that his ducky is very poorly educated.

Yet he has a paid position in the media. How does Tinsley explain this?

The ducky is clearly an affirmative-action hire, brought in to diversify the comics page beyond mere "humor", "artistic quality" and "intellect."

From his railings, it's obvious that Tinsley feels badly about this.

ajm said...

Tinsley didn't have a great education. He had a hippie teacher in Kentucky that he resents to this day.

Because Tinsley had one rotten teacher, he can only conclude that all teachers everywhere are rotten. Q.E.D.

John Roche said...

Shorter today's Mallard:

Anything that's not rote indoctrination is for dirty, filthy hippies.

ian said...

better people then him have tried to make a joke out of that

Marion Delgado said...

Okay, I came along later than Tinsley, and presumably the liberals had even depradated further. My history teacher in high school decided to pick on the "socialist kid" in the back row so he said things like "now what do you think of your friends in the Soviet Union, Mr. Delgado?" Until finally I said, "I think my friends in the Soviet Union - who would be dissident students - are being asked the same exact question about America right now by their party hack teacher, frankly."

Which should be a Mallard cartoon, but won't.