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Friday, August 29, 2008

That damned TV

What's Mallard raving about today?

The Media, John Edwards

For example if they had known that the outing of a CIA agent was a calculated disinformation campaign against the American Public by a Republican Administration, they would have said something, right? Right?

Oh, right...


NotannonNotcow said...

OMG--BT made three panels for today's strip!

Must have sobered up.

OTOH, he's showing his two-week lag again. Edwards is old news now.

dlauthor said...

No kidding. That's pretty weak sauce after last night's speech.

And, of course, now Tinshley's so drunk he's seeing anthropomorphic televisions.

12xuser said...

I am impressed. Mr. Flat-screen TV-Head represents a major innovation, a true advancement of the art of graphic storytelling. All you haters should recognize the genius at work here. Tinsley realized that none of his classic representations of liberal media would suffice to tell a story this unprecedented in its importance. He dug deep into the well of creativity and produced a triumph.

Bravo, Bruce, Bravo.

Everett Volk said...

12xuser, you're so right. In fact, I think it's a really beautiful way of highlighting the elitism of the American press and the Democratic Party. Elitist leftists and their media lapdogs all own flat screen televisions, and sometimes even just watch their news on the internets. Real Americans, of course, still watch television on color CRT television cabinets
and black and white portables.

factinista said...

Yeah, why didn't the media report on a story that surfaced in the National Enquirer?

Oh, wait.

GeoX said...

That liberal media--why, I remember in the nineties there was briefly some talk that Clinton might have had some sort of affair with some...intern, was it? I can't remember her name. The media just wasn't interested, and the story got buried. Now almost no one knows about it.

Michael said...

What the hell?

Kaitlyn said...

No one broke any laws! He wasn't from the party that yammers on and on about family values.

Anyway, where the hell did the walking TV come from?

Candorville has a bit on it today, tied into something that has been building up all week.

The two-week delay sucks, but it's not his fault entirely. As for the squawking about the liberal media, oh man, Barnes and Noble puts out a 5 page or so free "magazine" for its college bookstores, including the one on my campus. The first one of the year (I think they do like 2 a semester) came out this week, and, naturally, had something about the election. A McCain supporter mentioned the liberal media. She was the only McCain supporter quoted - the Obama supporters talked about how involved and excited they were.

Kaitlyn said...

On a personal, child-of-divorce, level, what Edwards did is disgusting and wrong. Of course, my dad's affairs were only part of the problem. He could have been faithful and still would be a rotten dad.

On a political, Edwards-isn't-my-dad, level, I just don't care.

I didn't care when I heard about it the first time, and I didn't care when I saw the tv man in today's Mallard.