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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Those damned supporters

What's Mallard raving about today?

Barack Obama's Supporters.

Much like the Rich Grumpy Old Man, Mallard's line of attack here is not so much an attack on Obama, but essentially an attack on his supporters as mindless celebrity-worshiping idiots.

Thus removing all doubt, if there ever was any, whether Senator I-don't know-how-many-houses-I-own will continue the divisive President of One-Half of America politics of President Bush. Less an attack, it is an admission that McCain is McSame.

The racism thing? All I can tell you is that Mallard must hear that charge a lot, and it's always the other person's problem. Nothing to do with him.


Kaitlyn said...

If Hillary was the front runner, Mallard would be sexist.

It really reads like Mallard doesn't know any of Obama's positions - he didn't ask about anything specific.

factinista said...

Of course Mallard doesn't know his opinions. None of his detractors do- they're too concerned about his being a secret Muslim.

On another note, we can expect the awful drawings of Joe Biden to commence in two weeks. Yay?

Kaitlyn said...

Joe Biden? More like two months.

No, no, Obama kills babies.

GeoX said...

This dialogue is completely nonsensical, but I will agree that "Go away, you idiot!" is the proper response when confronted with a deranged right-wing duck.

rewinn said...

Once again, Tinsley's comic needs editting, both for prolixity and for going in two directions at once.

The 1st word balloon is a pointless waste of space. It sets up a joke about Obama's supporters not knowing his position not just on "issues" but on "ANY issue". Far briefer would be to omit the entire balloon, have Bald Straw Man go, "Obama's positions? He's pro-niceness", and make the comic much less overcrowed.

Then the 3rd panel turns the "comic" in another direction: that Obama supporters think Mallard's an idiot and/or a racist. This is a sharp turn away from "Obama supporters know nothing about Obama's positions", perhaps necessitated by two things: (A) most Obama supporters know a lot about his positions and (B) "Niceness" is not a negative in America; most Americans are tired of Rovian attacks.

A competent writer, or one with an editor, would've split this "comic" into two separate strips, one for each line of attack. But competence is not why Tinsley gets published; as with Soviet Art in general, it's adherence to the Party Line.
@GeoX: you got it! The only laugh-out-loud line in the strip is "Go away you idiot" but not for the reason Tinsley intended (...unless he's letting his masochism show.)