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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Those damned teachers

What's Mallard raving about today?


The young Mallard was too lazy to think for himself and preferred to be spoon-fed all his knowledge.

Today's Mallard is too lazy to think for himself and prefers to be spoon-fed his opinions.

It's a case study in the Life Cycle of the Right Wing Water Carrier.


Anonymous said...

Because of course teaching is all about direct lecturing instead of having students engaged in the process. Asking questions and discussing things NEVER promotes understanding...oh wait...

Seriously this is pretty sad, especially when he complains about dull classes when he uses Rush. It seems that in Mallardworld teachers that give lectures are dull and incompetent and if they try to actually engage the students and get them to actively think about the topic they are lazy and incompetent.

ajm said...

Somebody should have told Solzhenitsyn to stop with the petty, self-indulgent whining because his so-called travails couldn't hold a candle to the hideous oppression which marked every millisecond of Mallard's schooldays.

KillSmiley said...

Not a new complaint from Tinsley. In fact, it was just shy of a year ago that we last heard this one...

NotannonNotcow said...

At least he's up to three panels, rather than his usual Sunday one. (But still short of the standard six panels for Sunday.)

Of course, this means three times the usual drivel from BT.

GeoX said...

Incidentally, I totally had a dream last night where DaveyK had disappeared, leaving Duck and Cover unupdated, and it was terrible--until he reappeared with rad video installments of D&C featuring reënactment/commentaries of MF strips. One of them somehow involved elephants. It was pretty rad.

MartyRotten said...

What he doesn't realize is that a "hip film about Algegra" would probably be more helpful than "a dull dry lecture" in helping kids learn. I remember when I was in school it was Muliplication Rock on tv, not the rote learning at school, that helped me the most with my math, that and teachers who actually tried to make it interesting.

Kaitlyn said...

Lectures are (usually) dull. I fell asleep during a lecture class once.

The only example I don't get is the first one. I don't remember that ever happening. It's gibberish. However, I can see a teacher asking what the students knew about the Louisiana Purchase before telling them about it.

What does that citation say? Is it a citation?

For the record - discussions - whether they involve the whole class or small groups - rock. And they usually come AFTER an explanation about the subject, not instead of it.

And lectures work best with notes that are filled in or problems that are solved.

As for his disdain for Schoolhouse Rock-type videos, Tinz doesn't understand learning. Or people. And he's probably never had a song stuck in his head.

Kaitlyn said...

You know what would make him explode? Some of the things I did the first week in a few classes in high school. Take trig junior year. We learned some things - learning styles, personality types - but little math. Why? Well, to help break the ice, of course, but also because our schedules were crazier than Mallard.

You never knew if you'd have the same classes in the few days between registration and the first day. So some teachers delayed important work so no one would be too left behind. They know the class will shrink or grow - my sister's ap english class went from 47 or so to about 10 in the first two weeks. That teacher is strict, but she still didn't give the summer work tests on the first day.

The delays and easy work made going back to school much easier on our summer-fried brains. Plus, it was a nice balance with the ones that started right away.

College - not so much, but the first days are never as bad as you think they'll be.

confused said...

So let me get this straight:

Schools are bad because they force their opinions down our throughts and don't allow us to voice our opinions.

Schools are bad because they make us discuss our opinions rather than tell us what to think.

Wait a second! Mallard is a genious! He can complain about every possible angle!

rewinn said...

Once again, Mallard complains that he is poorly educated.

So how did he get his job?

Isn't he an affirmative-action-for-ducks hire?

rewinn said...

ZOMG! Mallard had teachers who could speak fourteen languages!

That's gotta be some smart teachers!!!!

@KillSmiley: If last year, this was Tinsley's complain #17 and this year it's complaint #12, then how many years until it becomes complaint #1?

Show your work!

@ajm: One suspects Solzhenitsyn would have the duck for dinner.

@Kaitlyn: Yes ma'am, lectures are usually pretty ineffectual methods of transmitting information; ask any parent how often teenagers listen to our lectures. Active engagement works better for almost everyone, almost all the time. But Tinsley's got to complain about something so he and his fans can enjoy their fantasy of being oppressed.

@confused: you nailed it! Whatever teachers do, Tinsley and his ilk will complain. They're the Universal Complainers.

exanonymous said...

Hey, Mallard, not everyone can do a Feynman lecture.